www.tellfatface.com – Fat Face Customer Survey £250 Vouchers Sweeps

Tell Fat Face

Fat Face would like recent customers to provide their opinion in regards to the shopping experience at Fat Face.  The survey will be short and at the ended customers will be rewarded with a sweepstakes entry where they can win a  £250 of Fat Face voucher.  The Fat Face survey sweepstakes is NOT open to Fat Face employees, their families, and agencies that are associated with the firm.  Customers are allowed to provide feedback in regards to a in store visit, a purchase online or file a complaint against an employee or purchase they made.

Tell Fat Face survey sweepstakes

  • The £250 Voucher prize draw will be conducted by eDigitalResearch
  • Winners will be reached with 21 days of the drawing by mail or phone
  • The voucher can ONLY be used at participating Fat Face stores
  • Only one entry to the Prize Draw per person per month is allowed and the odds of winning will depend on how many people take the survey and enter the promotion

Anyone looking to obtain a winners list associated with the Tell Fat Face sweepstakes must write to: “Fat Face Prize Draw”, eDigitalResearch, Vanbrugh House, Grange Drive, Hedge End, Hampshire, SO30 2AF.  All winner list request must be made one month after the £250 Voucher drawing has taken place.  Fat Face reserves the right to award the Prize to an alternative winner in the event the original winner DOES NOT respond to contact attempts.

Fat Face

  • UK Clothing Store
  • Founded by Tim Slade and Jules Leaver when they were unhappy with local clothing selections in their area and knew a market could be exploited
  • Has revenues over 200 million GBP

Tim Slade was a former policeman and Ms Leaver was a business graduate that met at the French ski resort Méribel and started selling t-shirts to skiers on the slope.  The shirts gain popularity with the young, hip crowd and today the firm has more than 200 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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www.libertygiftcard.com – Harland Clarke Gift Card

Liberty Gift Card

Order or register a Liberty gift card online (the card number and the three digit code will be needed to register the card online).  Once the Liberty Gift card has been registered it can be used at a variety of locations (gas stations, grocery stores, fast food shops), including restaurants and entertainment venues (i.e. movie theatres and concerts).

Those who would like to order a gift card can choose from 5 different unique designs and the card can be loaded in whole dollar amounts between $25.00 and $500.00.  When ordering gift cards over $399 the card must be shipped to the person who bought it (i.e. the card cannot be shipped to the person receiving the card).  The person purchasing the gift card will also have the option to leave a cute message such as “good luck”, “Merry Christmas”, or “happy Valentines day”.

Gift card notes of interest

  • All gift cards can be activated by calling 1-866-244-5360
  • The PIN number is for making POS purchases only
  • The cards can be used to make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • If the card balance is less than $100 the customer cannot use the card to pay AT THE PUMP
  • The last four digits of the customer’s phone number will be required when registering the card
  • This is not a credit card and the card will only carry the amount of fixed cash determined by the Gift Card purchaser (aka the gift giver)
  • Cardholders CANNOT obtain cash back with the Liberty Gift Card
  • Any problems or issues can be directed to the 24 hour help line at 1-866-244-5360
  • Replacement card will cost $5 (if the card has less than $5 on it and is lost it is not worth the time and effort to order a replacement)

All of the gift card issued by Harland Clarke will expire at the 7 year mark from when the card was purchased.

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  1. www.libertygiftcard.com

www.yourcardaccount.com – Deetto Credit Card Login

Your Card Account

Access E-Statements online via the SST service.  To access E-Statements customers will need their User ID and password.  Any questions about the SST online E-Statement service can be directed to 1-800-388-1806.  The toll-free customer care line is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM CT, Monday through Friday; 8:00 AM until 12:00 Noon CT, Saturdays; Closed on Sundays.  SST customer care agents are free to field any questions in regards to log-in problems, dealing with morons who are locked out of their account or any general questions about the Your Card Account online services.

Systems & Services Technologies, Inc

  • Service solutions business
  • Strives to meet the needs of any portfolio regardless of credit quality
  • Popular clients include credit card and loan companies

Systems & Services Technologies, Inc. ( aka SST for short) was founded in 1995 and has more than 400 employees at this time.  The firm has operations in St. Joseph, Missouri and Montreal, Quebec and serviced receivables with original balances of $28 billion according to their about us page.  Any questions about the products or services offered by SST can be directed to SST_info@sst-mo.com (please allow for up to 10 days for a response).  The SST Human Resource office can be reached at 816-671-2712 (this number should only be used in relation to job inquirers for the most part).

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  1. www.yourcardaccount.com

www.verizon.com/benefitsconnection – Benefits Connection Verizon Online

Verizon Benefits Connection

Current Verizon customers can access their benefits account online with a User ID and password.  The Verizon Benefits Connection services allows for access to information and special tools to help better manage Verizon benefits.  Those who are new to the service must register before benefits connection access can be granted.

What is needed when registering for the BenefitsConnections service?

  • Email address such as Gmail or Ymail
  • The customers DOB
  • The customers SSN
  • Working Internet connection

Once a user has created an account they can do things such as… add or remove beneficiaries, review their current coverage policies, change or enroll on certain policies, PLUS Review the Benefits Library (which contains Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) and other benefit materials).  Verizon Benefits Connection services also allow the user to check recent pension payments, access information about the savings plan, tax information and reimbursements.

Other quick hits

  • It is advised all users have their pension payments made direct deposit using the nine-digit ABA routing number for the retirees financial institution
  • Adding DD is simple… just visit the Pension Payment Summary portion of the service and click on the “Update” button to go to the Pension Payment Institution & Allocation screen (the entire direct deposit enrollment process should take no less than 5 minutes to complete)
  • Users will have to provide their banking information by the 10th day of the month to ensure the next payment will be directed to that bank account
  • All tax information associated with retire payments from Verizon will be sent out by January 31 of the given year
  • Special promotional discounts are provided to Verizon retirees throughout the year
  • Retirees also receive special benefits related to Auto & Home Programs

Any questions about the Verizon Wireline Communications Retiree Discount can be directed to 1 (800) 922-0204.

Any former Verizon employees who need help obtained previous employee information should dial 1-866-604-6572.

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  1. www.verizon.com/benefitsconnection

www.joinpostal.com jobs – Postal Jobs Hiring Authority Online

Join Postal Jobs

Search for a job with the United States Post Office in all 50 states and even some locations in Canada.  The Join Postal Jobs service will show how many jobs are available as of the current date, where the jobs are located, and provide a toll-free number to call to obtain more information.  It should be noted that the Join Postal service is NOT affiliated with the USPS and that they cannot guarantee employment under any circumstances.

Postal Jobs Hiring Authority Online

  • An online tool to find jobs with the United States Post Office
  • The service provides a toll-free number of 1-800-683-1119 for anyone with questions about how the Join Postal Job service works
  • Entry level positions include Window Clerk – Mail Handler – Mail Processor – Mail Carrier
  • Must be a legal US resident and over the age of 18 in order to work for the United States Post Office
  • A high school diploma is NOT required which makes jobs at the USPS ideal for people from poor neighborhoods or slums
  • Drug testing will be required before the applicant is hired
  • US residents with a green card may apply if they are over 18 year of age

The United States Postal Service agency was officially formed on July 1, 1971 but dates back to the times of the early North American colonies when people attempted to get messages back to England (aka the motherland).  Today the agency is based at 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Washington, D.C. 20260 and employs more than half a million people in the United States.

Fun facts about the United States Postal Service

  • They are considered the third-largest civilian employer in the US
  • Contrary to popular belief the US Postal Services does run mail on Sunday but only for the Amazon company
  • USPS was about to go out of business in 2011 (according to various media reports) unless it found more ways to make money

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  1. www.joinpostal.com jobs

www.golden1overdraftsettlement.com – Golden 1 Credit Union Overdraft Fee Lawsuit

Golden 1 Overdraft Settlement

Obtain information in regards to the class action lawsuit against the Golden 1 Credit Union that centers on overdraft fees charged to customers by the bank.  The class members contend Golden 1 charged them costly overdraft fees even though the customers had enough money in their checking accounts to cover the expense/purchase.  Any Golden 1 customers who had a checking account with the from from April 2, 2009 and April 30, 2015 and were charged a courtesy pay overdraft fee may be entitled to a settlement under the terms of the Golden 1 Overdraft Settlement.

Golden 1 Credit Union Overdraft Fee Lawsuit notes

  • The overdraft fee is associated with debit card, check or ACH transaction in relation to Golden 1 accounts
  • The lead plaintiff is Isabel Manwaring
  • Class members in the Golden 1 Overdraft Settlement case cite the California Unfair Competition Law, Breach of Contract, Negligent Misrepresentation, Unjust Enrichment as part of the case against the California based credit union
  • The case is entitled Manwaring v. Golden 1 Credit Union and a fairness hearing will be held on 12/9/15 to determine if the settlement terms are cool with all the parties involved
  • The law firm of DOWNEY BRAND LLP will represent the defendant aka Golden 1 Credit Union

Class members who file timely claims (claims forms must be in by November 9th 2015) my receive payments for up to 10 eligible overdraft fees they were charged.  This is labeled case number 34-2013-00142667 and is pending in the Sacramento County Superior Court.

Questions about the Golden 1 lawsuit can be directed to 1-844-656-0348 or by email at info@Golden1OverdraftSettlement.com.

Cited Links

  1. www.golden1overdraftsettlement.com


www.grocery-feedback.com – SpartanNash Family Store Survey

Grocery Feedback

Take a short survey in regards to a SpartanNash grocery store.  These stores include places like Family Thrift, Wholesale Food Outlet, Bag N Save, Prairie Market, Germantown Market, and the No Frills Supermarket just to name a few.  The Grocery-Feedback survey will only take a few minutes to complete and please have the store number to begin.

Grocery-Feedback survey highlights

  • Customers will receive a sweepstakes entry in return for feedback
  • The sweepstakes winner will receive a $100 gift card that can be used at any SpartanNash grocery store
  • Please have the time and date of visit
  • The survey is powered by the Service Management Group

The Grocery-Feedback survey will only be used to improve the quality of the stores under the SpartanNash name and will never be marketed to a third-party for a profit.


  • Food distributor and grocery store retailer
  • The firm is headquartered in Byron Center, Michigan
  • Founded in 1917
  • Operates in the countries of the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East
  • Makes a good majority of their profits through indendent grocery stores and military commissaries

SpartanNash was originally called the Grand Rapids Wholesale Grocery Company and did not change its name under about 30 years later in 1957.  SpartanNash can be found on the NASDAQ stock exchange under ticker symbol SPTN and competes with industry titans to include Wal-Mart Stores Inc and SuperValu.  The firm employs more than 6500 people and is headed by Mr. Dennis Eidson.  Popular food items include deli meats, milk, candy and seafood specials (i.e. Shrimp, Swordfish and Crab Legs).

The firm can be reached at their corporate office via mail at: SpartanNash Company 850 76th Street, S.W. PO Box 8700 Grand Rapids, MI 49518 United States pr via telephone at 616-878-2000 (please note this is not a toll-free number and will cost the consumer money if calling long distance).


  1. www.grocery-feedback.com

www.myedaccount.com manage my account – Federal Student Aid

My EDAccount Manage My Account

Obtain more information about student loans from the Federal Aid Student loan program online.  The service provides a wide range of information in regards to student loans to include how to apply, how to prepare for college, does the student even qualify and what limits are available.

Federal Student Aid Notes

  • Grants and Scholarships information is available
  • Loans are paid via the students loan servicer by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Loans are usually distributed into two forms of payments
  • The U.S. Department of Education is responsible for distributing financial aid
  • Loan amounts will depend on grants, student loans, work-study, or parent loans
  • The service is closed on all major holidays to include Martin Luther Kings days
  • When checking the status of loan approval please have the applicants first and last name, Social Security number, and date of birth on hand
  • The school will send a final letter, e-mail, or other contact method to inform the student how much money they have been approved for
  • Students are expected to use this money for educational purposes and not for entertainment such as beer and food

Any questions about the student loan process can be directed to a customer care agent at the Federal Student Aid Information Center by calling 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243).  If the customer does not have access to 800 services please call the local number at 319-337-5665.


  1. www.myedaccount.com manage my account

www.syncmyride.com login – Connect Sync My Ride Applink

Sync My Ride Login

Login or register for the Sync My Ride service online.  Please note there are a total of four versions of SYNC available, depending on the members vehicle’s model and year.

What are the benefits or registering a Sync My Ride Applink?

  • Get just-for-you deals
  • Receive important vehicle notifications
  • Pay a Ford Credit bill (can be paid with any credit or debit card)
  • View the vehicles service history (i.e. Oil change, brakes)
  • Manage SYNC settings

The Sync My Ride service is designed for Ford or Lincoln auto owners.

Questions about the Connect Sync My Ride Applink?

Please send them to 1-800-241-3673 (for Ford owners) – 1-800-521-4140 (for Lincoln owners) and for our Northern comrades 1-800-665-2006 (Canada).


  1. www.syncmyride.com login

www.llbeanrewards.com/6121 – L.L.Bean Visa Card

L.L. Bean Rewards

Consumers can apply for the exclusive L.L. Bean Visa credit card by providing their general information (i.e. name, address, phone number etc), employment history (i.e. occupation), finance details (total annual income), and the applicants date of birth.  The L.L.Bean Visa Card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware and the account will be governed by Delaware Law.

L.L.Bean Visa Card benefits and other random info

  • Cardholders will earn 3% on all L.L.Bean purchases
  • Cardholders will earn 1% Everywhere Visa is accepted
  • Reward points will be applied towards a $10 coupon (members CANNOT redeem the points for cash)
  • This offer is available only to applicants who are residents of the United States, with the exception of Puerto Rico and the US territories
  • The $10 coupons can be used on any L.L. Bean product
  • Cardholders also enjoy Free Return Shipping, Free Monogramming, Exclusive Sales & Special Promotions and comes with No Annual Fee
  • L.L.Bean has donated over $6 million toward conservation and land stewardship.
  • Available for new card holders only
  • APR will be 13.99%, 16.99% or 19.99%
  • The card will charge 3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars on foreign transactions

It should be noted that not everyone who applies for the L.L. Bean Visa Card will be approved… for example an applicant who works part-time at McDonald’s and is 10 feet under water in debt will be denied.

L.L. Bean

  • Mail order, online clothing/boot company
  • Founded by the legendary Leon Leonwood Bean (avid hunter and fisherman)
  • Based at 15 Casco Street Freeport, Maine, United States

The firm is private and has annual revenues over 1.5 billion US Dollars.  L.L. Bean does most of their sales via mail order but does have around 30 brick and mortar locations.  The firm produces a pair of boots that are very popular with college students on the Eastern US coast who have to battle cold rain and snow when they walk to school everyday.


  1. www.llbeanrewards.com/6121