www.mortgagequestions.com – Mortgage Payment Online Services

Mortgage Questions

  • Login to make a payment, view taxes & interest, or sign up for auto pay
  • Customer account activity from Saturday to Monday will be available by 8:00 am Tuesday

When making a payment via Mortgage Questions the payment service is powered by Western Union Speed Pay and the service is best used in combination with Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

What is needed upon initial Mortgage Questions sign up?

The customer will have to provide the following information:

  • Name (first and last, middle not required)
  • Date of birth
  • SSN #
  • Loan Number
  • Call phone number is optional but an email address is required

Those Mortgage Questions consumers who would like to make a quick one time payment over the phone can dial 1-877-729-3273 but most people should simply sign up for auto payment as it is the easiest and hassle free (set if and forget it).  The Mortgage Payment auto payment service also prevents mortgage holders from missing a payment.

A general customer service number for Mortgage Questions was found 800-449-8767 and they also offer a online contact form which requires the user to provide an email address (please allow up to 72 hours for a return answer).

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www.hertzrentalfine.com – Pay Hertz Rental Fine Online

Hertz Rental Fine

  • Those who received a traffic violation while renting a car from Hertz can pay the fine online
  • The service is made possible by ATS Processing Services who is in charge of collecting payments for Hertz for any parking, toll or photo-enforcement citations received during the term of the rental

The Hertz Rental Fine service is super easy to use and the payment can be made with any major credit card (i.e. QuickSilver credit card).  The service also allows those who feel they were wrongly charged with a fine to dispute the payment.  Please note that the customer will be REQUIRED to provide PROOF when disputing the fine as they accepted responsibility for the payment of fines, penalties and administration fees charged to the vehicle during the rental period.

Hertz Rental Fine Notes

  • ATS Processing Services is a 3rd party service provider which is hired by Rental Car Companies and Fleet Agencies to process vehicle citations on their behalf
  • Payments can also be made via check
  • Those who fail to make a payment will most likely have the account sent to a collection agency and they will have a hard time renting a car in the future
  • Those who were not renting an auto at the time of the citation should allow up to 7 days for the issue to be resolved by Hertz and have their account adjusted
  • If the car was stolen the person who rented the car will have to provide Hertz with documentation (i.e. a police report)
  • Even if the person who rented the car was not driving at the time of the ticket (i.e. a friend or co-worker was driving the rental) they are still on the hook for paying the fine

Any questions for Hertz can be directed to a customer care agent at (877) 977-5771 or for those looking to fax documents: (480) 907-3026.  Please note that ATS does not actually determine the amount of the fine and cannot settle disputes… they simply collect the payment.

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www.salliemae.com/my account – Sallie Mae Activity Center Login

Sallie Mae My Account

  • Access a Sallie Mae student loan or savings account online with a user ID and password
  • This service is free to use and will allow the student to make a student loan payment online or saving account customers can view a current balance

Any questions about the Sallie Mae My Account services can be directed to a service agent at 855-SLM-LOAN (855-756-5626) or those looking to correspond by mail can write to: Sallie Mae P.O. Box 8459 Philadelphia, PA 19101-8459.  Sallie Mae account holders who are sending in evidence in regards to a disputed balance should write to: Sallie Mae P.O. Box 3319 Wilmington, DE 19804-4319.

Sallie Mae My Account Activity Center Notes

  • Once the Sallie Mae activity center has been accessed a customer can apply for a new loan, complete or check on an application in process, cosign a loan application, or make a payment or check a balance online
  • Online form are also available at no charge and can be printed assuming the Sallie Mae customer has a working printer at home or at the office
  • Those who have registered for the Sallie Mae Activity Center online access when they applied for a loan can simply use the same login information to access the given account
  • Those who do not have a Sallie My Account will be forced to go through a tiresome registeration process (don’t already have an online account? start by registering)

Students who would like to earn rewards while paying down their loans should look into the Upromise MasterCard.  The Upromise credit card comes with state of the art chip technology which makes paying for purchases more secure at chip-card terminals in the U.S. and abroad.

Other Upromise credit card highlights include:

  • A $50 sign up bonus
  • Freee FICO Credit Score
  • No limit to the total cash back you can earn on eligible purchases

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www.banking.capitalone.com/activate Quicksilver – Activate Quicksilver From Capital One

Banking Capital One Activate Quick Silver

  • Activate or apply for a Quicksilver credit card from Capital One
  • The Quicksilver card is designed for those consumers who have an excellent credit rating so anyone with a credit rating below 680 should probably not waste their time with an application

The Banking Capital One Activate Quick Silver process can be started by signing into an account with a username and password.  The activation process should take less than one minute to complete and a confirmation email from Capital One will be sent once the process has been completed.

Quicksilver Credit Card Notes

  • Receives a 4.6 out of 5 star rating from close to 5000 consumer reviews
  • Offers unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase with no limit on how much the cardholders can earn, and no changing categories
  • First time members will be given a $100 sign up bonus
  • The $100 sign up bonus associated with the Quicksilver credit card requires the customer to put a minimum of $500 on the card within the first 3 months (i.e. 90 days from the date of opening the card)
  • Rewards will never expire and customers can redeem them at any point in time
  • Existing or previous account holders may not be eligible for this one-time bonus
  • 0% intro APR until January 2017;13.24%-23.24% variable APR after that; 3% fee on the amount transferred until January 2017

The Quicksilver credit card is ideal for someone who travels out of the country on a regular basis as it offers no foreign transaction fee when making purchases outside of the United States of America (this is a big bonus as foreign transaction fees can add up quick).  The Quicksilver card also offers Visa Signature Concierge service when traveling.

Other credit cards to consider… these cards are somewhat similar to the Capital One Quicksilver card:

  • Chase Freedom
  • Discover IT
  • Capital One Venture

Any questions about the Banking Capital One Activate Quick Silver service can be directed to 1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825) or for cardholders calling from outside the United States 1-804-934-2001.

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www.t-mobilevaluecard.com check balance – Access & Manage T-Mobile Account Online

T-Mobile Value Card Check Balance

  • Access a T-Mobile Citi card account online with the card number, security code, and the T-Mobile phone number associated with the account
  • New customers will have to go through a bothersome but short registration process before account access can be acquired

The T-Mobile value card check balance service is free to use for all T-Mobile customers and an email address will be needed upon sign up.  Customers can also use the online service to report fraudulent charges on a T-Mobile card account or enter a reward code.

T-Mobile Value Card 

  • The T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card can be used to make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Comes with a $0 annual fee and $0 in reload cost assuming the card holder is doing the reload at a T-Mobile store
  • Offers a nifty mobile app that allows the customer to view a balance, pay bills & deposit checks, and check recent transaction all from the customers smartphone
  • A PO Box is not allowed when setting up a T-Mobile Value Card account and the card holder must be 18 years of age or older (also a SSN will be needed)
  • The card can be used to pay for gas at the pump BUT the transaction might be declined if the value cards balance is less than $125
  • In case of a lost or stolen T-Mobile prepaid card please dial (866) 306-9636 ASAP

Any questions in regards to the T-Mobile Value Card Check Balance service can be directed to a customer service agent at (866) 306-9636 (automated services through this number are available 24 hours a day while a Live Agent Customer Service  Agent will be available from 6 AM – Midnight CST, 7 days a week),

Anyone looking to contact the T-Mobile Value Card via regular US Mail should write to… Blackhawk Network Attn: Customer Service 10615 Professional Circle Suite 102 Reno, NV 89521.

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www.officeformac.com/download – Office For Mac 2011

Office For Mac Download

  • Obtain Microsoft office online in relation to a Mac 2011 purchase
  • In order to start the office download the customer will need the 25 digit product key code that came with the purchase

The Office For The Mac download should only take a few minutes to complete and the 25 digit product key can be located on the product packaging or in a confirmation email if the Mac was purchased online.

Office For The Mac Download Notes

  • Office as a one-time purchase includes applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for use on a single PC or Mac
  • Office 365 comes with a one month free trial offer or those who do not have a product key code
  • It is recommended that customers keep their Product Key in a secure location as proof of purchase or to help MAC customer service agents trace the product if needed
  • An existing Microsoft account can be used if the customer already has one (these account would most likely be associated with an Xbox, Outlook.com Email, MSN or Bing)

The Office For The Mac Download is only available to have one subscription associated with it and the Office 365 subscription offer can be extended up to a maximum of 5 years.

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www.walmartmoneycard.com/setup – Walmart Money Card Setup Online Account

Walmart Money Card Set Up

  • Activate and set up a reloadable prepaid Walmart MoneyCard online in less than 2 minutes
  • The Walmart Money Card is provided by GreenDot and customers will need the 16 digit card number to start the set up process

The Walmart Money Card Set Up process is super easy to complete and will require the customers name, home address, email address, and a mobile phone number.  Walmart Money Card customers will also have to create a 4-digit PIN or they can allow the system to create a PIN for them.  Please note that Green Dot Bank issues the money card but with a license from MasterCard International Incorporated.

Walmart Money Card Set Up Notes

  • Green Dot Bank operates under the following registered trade names: GoBank, Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank
  • This card is ideal for consumers who frequent Walmart on a weekly basis
  • People who need cash quick can enroll in paid up to 2 days early with FREE direct deposit
  • Offers a free Walmart MoneyCard App via the App Store and Google Play (please note App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google, Android, and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries)

When loading a Walmart Money card the charge is usually $0 unless the customer is loading the card via the Walmart Rapid Reload Service at the register.  Most customers will want to utilize the FREE load option when they pay to cash their check at Walmart.

More info about the card

  • Comes with a foreign transaction fee of 3% of transaction amount
  • Offers 1% cash-back at Walmart stores and 3% cash back when
  • Limits the card holder to $75 in cash-back rewards per rewards year

Once the Walmart Money Card Set Up process is complete the customer will receive a confirmation email.  The card is protected against unauthorized transactions and can be used anywhere the MasterCard or Visa debit card logo is found in the United States.

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www.paymdxtolls.com – MDX Toll Payment

Pay MDX Tolls

  • Male a payment online related to a MDX toll zone (users can create an account and pay as a toll-by-plate customer or pay as a guest without creating an account)
  • Toll users who frequent the MDX Toll Zone often should create an account

To Pay MDX Tolls online the users will need a valid credit or debit card on hand along with the toll account number.  Those looking to make a MDX Toll Payment via US Mail can shoot it of to: Miami-Dade Expressway Authority PO Box 22826 Hialeah FL 33002-2826 (please include proper postage and the MDX account number).

Pay MDX Tolls Notes

  • The system uses a state of the art digital imaging system that snaps a picture of the vehicle’s license plate in question
  • An invoice for unpaid tolls will be sent to the registered owner directly to the address listed on their vehicle registration
  • Users who are claiming a lost or stolen license plate will need to attach a Police Report with their claim
  • All tolls will be sent separately and will not be consolidated when driving through the state of Florida
  • A prepay option is available an is ideal for people who use the MDX Toll System daily

Any questions in regards to a payment related to a MDX Toll can be directed to 855-277-0848.  Those looking to contact the MDX TOLL-BY-PLATE Call Center by phone can do themselves a favor and avoid calling on Mondays as they are extremely busy.  Unless the matter is urgent please wait until later in the week (i.e. Thursday or Friday) to contact MDX via phone.

Pay MDX Tolls Customer Service Info

  • Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Service Center / Self-Service toll-free number is 855-277-0848
  • Closed on major holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and Independence Day

Any customers with a lock box attempting to send a remit check payments should mail it to: Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, PO Box 865009, Orlando, FL 32886-5009.

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www.studentlife2016.com – Bed Bath & Beyond Student Life 2016 Promotion

Student Life 2016

  • Win $5,000 worth of Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards via the BBB 2016 Student Lifer promotion which will run until August 31, 2016
  • Please be 16 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States or Canada

The Student Life 2016 sweepstakes is sponsored by Bed Bath and Beyond Inc who are headquartered at 650 Liberty Avenue, Union, NJ 07083… any questions about the Student Life 2016 BBB promotion should be directed to email customer.service@bedbath.com.  People residing in the province of Quebec and people are employed by Bed Bath and Beyond are NOT allowed to enter the sweepstakes.

Student Life 2016 Notes

  • HelloWorld, Inc., will oversee the prize drawing (they are headquartered at 3000 Town Center, Suite 2100, Southfield, MI 48075 and are commonly employed to administered sweepstakes drawings)
  • Winners will also be able to pick from a PEOPLE magazine subscription or STYLEWATCH magazine subscription
  • The total value associated with the Bed Bath Beyond Student Life 2016 sweepstakes grand prize will be between $10,369.43 USD to $11,167.83 USD
  • First place prizes will come in the form of a $500 BBB gift card and a brand spanking new HP 22z Touch All-in-One PC
  • Contestants are limited to one grand prize and one first place prize
  • The first prize draw will be held on May 2, 2016 (or a day close to that date)

The Student Life 2016 promotion will hold the GRAND PRIZE drawing on (or around) September 6, 2016.  Other prizes associated with the grand prize besides the Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards are HP ENVY Phoenix 860-180VX Win 10 Desktop PC, HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor (HDMI), HP Roar Plus Black Wireless Speaker, HP 2 yr Service for ENVY Desktops + Accidental Damage Protection, HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Printer, HP Wireless Elite Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

This is one of the better sweepstakes that will take place during the summer of 2016 so be sure to sign up.

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www.protectmybudget.com – First American Home Warranty Promotion

Protect My Budget

  • Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars with a home warranty from First American
  • The unexpected expenses that can occur from a busted furnace or AC unit are not only expensive but bothersome when attempting to find a legit repairman

The Protect My Budget Home Warranty Plan from First American offers a year-long plan that will protect the home owner from unexpected appliance fails or break due to normal wear and tear PLUS the offer comes with the peace of mind knowing the First American has top rated repairmen doing the work.  Almost all the plans offered by the Protect My Budget promotion come with a 30 day money back guarantee and plans start at 25 bucks or so.

Common issues that are covered via the Protect My Budget warranty offer?

  • air conditioning
  • pools and spas
  • garbage disposals
  • washers and dryers
  • dishwashers
  • refrigerators
  • microwaves
  • plus heating
  • plumbing
  • electrical systems
  • ceiling fans

First American Home Buyers Protection was awarded on of the most trusted companies in the United States by Forbes Magazine (2013) and the firm can be reached at 1-844-739-5217 (customers can call anytime to obtain a free quote).  The First American Home Buyers Protection corporate office is based at 1244 Apollo Way Santa Rosa, CA 95407.

Protect My Budget Notes

  • For homes over 5000 square feet customers MUST call 1-844-739-5217
  • Once a plan is purchased the warranty holder can contact a First American Home Warranty customer service rep 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days a year
  • Pre-existing conditions (i.e. a leaky faucet or damaged dishwasher) are not covered and other charges may apply

Please note this popular warranty offer receives 4 out of 5 starts from Consumer Affairs (based on 835 ratings out of 1,393 reviews).

The most recent review from Consumer Affairs comes from Mary in Ohio and reads

I read the information about TotalProtect Home Warranty and it pertained to what my needs would have been. I call them when submitting a claim and it’s been easy. It’s also been a good experience with their reps. The techs have been professional and they take care of what needs to be taken care of. I’ve no complaints

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