www.realsummerrealflavor.com – Instant Win Real Summer Real Flavor Sweepstakes

Real Summer Real Flavor

  • Enter to win a cool $10k via the $100,000 “Real Summer, Real Flavor” Instant Win & Sweepstakes
  • This promotion is to celebrate the start of summer and will run from April 29, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) and ends on September 9, 2016 (residents in the state of New York are not allowed to enter)

The Real Summer Real Flavor promotion is open to any legal residents of the USA who are age 13 or older and are not employed by matrixx Pictures (aka the sponsor) or Hello World Inc. (aka the contest administrator).  Contestants will automatically receive three (3) entries into the Real Summer Real Flavor Sweepstakes and advance to the Instant Win Game page and receive three (3) Instant Win Game plays for that day assuming they provide a valid email address.

Real Summer Real Flavor Notes

  • Contestants are limited to 3 instant win game plays a day
  • The grand prize $10,000 drawing will take place on September 12, 2016
  • The $10,000 will be accompanied with a bothersome IRS 1099 Form
  • Odds of winning the Real Summer Real Flavor $10k grand prize is 1:350,000,000… not good in other words 🙁
  • The $10,000 will be awarded in the form of a check
  • Please allow up to 10 weeks for the prizes to arrive
  • A winners list will become available after September 9, 2016

A $5 See’s Candies gift card will be given to sweepstakes contestants that live in any of the following states: AR, CA, CT, ID, KS, LA, MA, MN, MO, MS, ND, NJ, NV, PA, TN, UT, VA and WI.

This is definitely one of the better sweepstakes promotion taking place during the summer of 2016.  Some of the better non grand prize prizes include a Heat Resistant BBQ Glove, a free Challenge Cream Cheese, Onion Bloom Roaster, and a nifty Corn Grilling Basket Holder.  Total value of all prizes associated with the Real Summer Real Flavor promotion is listed as $136,074.00.

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www.lincolnusasurvey.com – Take Lincoln Roadside Assistance Survey

Lincoln USA Survey

  • Take a short survey related to roadside assistance received in order to help improve the road side service provided by Lincoln and the customer experience
  • In order to start the roadside assistance survey the customer will need the survey access number

The Lincoln USA Survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and the survey access number can be found on the postcard received in the mail.  All feedback associated with the roadside Lincoln survey will be used to improve the customer response time of the assistance along with the quality of service offered by the employee (the customer’s information will never be shared with the Lincoln roadside assistance employee who provided the service).

Lincoln USA

  • Also known as the Lincoln Motor Company
  • Founded in 1917 and based in Dearborn, Michigan
  • Specializes in the sales of luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand
  • Owned and operated by the U.S.-based Ford Motor Company (Lincoln encountered some stressful financial troubles during the early 1920s which caused Ford to take over the firm)

The Lincoln Motor Company was founded by the legendary Henry Leland and his son Wilfred Leland (Henry named the company after his favorite president Abraham Lincoln).

Popular autos produced by Lincoln today include the Lincoln MKX, Navigator, and the ever popular Lincoln MKT/MKT Town Car that arrived on the scene back in 2010.  At the present time the company serves the East Asia, North America, Middle East areas.

Customers looking in to buying a brand spanking new Lincoln should check out their Incentives & Offers promtional page where the customer will enter their zip code to find special offers in their area (the customers  local Lincoln dealer is the best source for up-to-date information regarding events and offers).

Any issues or questions about the Lincoln USA Survey can be directed to  Lauren Mitchell at lmitchell@rdagroup.com.

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www.homedepotrebates.com/prepaid – Home Depot Rebate Center Online

Home Depot Rebates Prepaid

  • Submit a rebate to the Home Depot online (customers will have to pick a department in relation to the rebate i.e. Appliances, Heating & Cooling, Lawn & Garden, or Paint)
  • The Home Depot Rebate service will also require the customer to provide the date of purchase (or the contract date)

Customers who are looking to check their Home Depot Rebates prepaid balance account can do so by navigating to the upper right hand corner of the site and clicking on “card balance”… the user will then be directed to sing into their Home Depot card account online.  Please allow up to a 8 weeks for the Home Depot prepaid gift card to arrive via US Mail.  Those who need a copy of the receipt in order to claim a Home Depot rebate should visit the store in which the purchase was made as most Home Depot stores can reprint a receipt… especially if the date of purchase is know

Home Depot Rebates Prepaid Notes

  • Customers who fail to claim a prepaid gift card will be unable to claim a gift card if the deadline has passed
  • If the gift card has not arrived in 10 weeks please dial 1.866.451.1357 to report the issue as the card could have been lost in the mail or processing
  • In some case the customer may need the original product bar code when claiming a Home Depot Rebate prepaid card
  • If the amount of the rebate card is not correct please dial the 866 customer service number mention previously above

To check the status of a Home Depot Rebates Prepaid gift card please dial 1.866.451.1357 or use the Track a Rebate tool.  Anyone needing to contact the Home Depot Rebate service via US mail should write to: The Home Depot Paint Rebate Program Promo Code xx-xxxxx Resubmission Department P.O. Box 540156 El Paso, TX 88554-0156.

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www.speedyrewards.com register – Speedy Rewards Mall

Speedy Rewards Register

  • Register a Speedy Rewards Card online in less than 60 seconds with the Speedy Rewards card number (this number is 10 digits long and can be found on the back of the card below the bar code)
  • Those who do not have a Speedy Rewards card can sign up to receive a digital Speedy Rewards card that can be used to earn points right from a mobile device

The Speedy Rewards register process requires a valid email address and once registered the member can view points balance, coupons, and rewards online.  The Speedy Rewards member program has over 5 million members and has given away more than $45 million dollars in rewards to date.  Members can redeem Speedy Rewards for cool items like a Macy’s gift card, a free Speedy Freeze drink, a slice of pizza, a free Coke or Pepsi, $15 iTunes gift card, or a $10 Speedy cash card just to name a few.

Speedy Rewards Notes

  • The time is takes for Speedy Reward points to be applied to a member account will depend on where the purchase is made
  • Most points will reflect on an account within 2 to 10 days BUT some may take as long as 45 days to process
  • Shopping at the Speedy Rewards Mall will earn the member additional points

Please note there are more than one card associated with the Speedy Rewards program… a list of all card associated with this rewards program can be found below:

  • Speedy Rewards MasterCard
  • Speedy Rewards Pay Card
  • Speedy Rewards Alternative ID

Consumers who want to make the most of the card should opt for the Speedy Rewards MasterCard as they will earn 50 Speedy Rewards points per dollar by using the card for purchases at Speedway locations, 25,000 bonus points (when $500 or more of purchases are made within the first 3 billing cycles), and 10 points per dollar everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Those who already have to many credit cards will want to opt for the Speedy Rewards Pay Card is a loyalty/rewards card (aka the smart phone mobile program) as it is linked to the customer’s bank account and is not a credit card.

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www.pushmoneymemberaccess.com – Register The Push Money System

Push Money Member Access

  • Register for the Push Money system online with a valid email address and phone number (the registration process should take less than 60 seconds to complete)
  • $250 is the bare minimum to access the Push Money System app

Any questions about the Push Money Member Access system can be directed to support@pushmoneyapp.com or via Skype at pushmoney.ma.

What does the web say about the Push Money Member Access system?

  • Push Money App Review – *Latest Scam! Don’t Waste Money!! – quintup.com/push-money-app-review-scam/ Rating: 2
  • Push Money App Is Scam !! Software Review Exposed !! -bestbinaryoptionssignal.com

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www.sgmedbilling.com – Pay SGM Med Bill Online

SGM Med Billing

  • Make a bothersome yet necessary payment to Schumacher Clinical Partners online in less than 60 seconds
  • Any questions in regards to a SGM Med Billing payment can be directed to an award-winning customer service rep at (888) 703-3301 between the hours of  Mon. – Thurs. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT or Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT.

The SGM Med Billing service is free to use and does offer a  interest-free budget plan for those poor people who are having a financial hardship with medical bills.  Please note customers must be approved for the interest-free budget plan and most people will not qualify (those who do can make payments via mail, online or by phone.  Customers who have a flexible spending card are allowed to use the card when paying SGM Med Billing online.

SGM Med Billing Notes

  • Payments online can be made using a credit card, debit card, or flexible-spending card
  • Customers attempting to use a credit card from outside the US will have to call customer service
  • Allow up to 5 business days for a payment to post when using SGM Med Billing
  • When paying online the customer will need to provide their account/invoice number
  • The invoice number can be found on the paper bill

Please direct all customer service related questions (to include billing issues) to pcc@scpmedbilling.com or dial 888-703-3301.

Who is Schumacher Clinical Partners?

SCP is a popular medical billing company for the healthcare providers who provided patients with a health related service at a facility.  Schumacher Clinical Partners are not an actual medical facility but rather providing billing services for popular clinics and hospital so they don’t have to (billing takes up a lot of time and man power).

The Schumacher Clinical Partners corporate office is headquartered at 200 Corporate Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70508 and can be reached by phone by calling 800.893.9698.

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www.bhg.com/diygiftoffer – Claim 2 Free Gifts From BHG

BHG DIY Gift Offer

  • Give the gift of the Better Home and Gardens Magazine to two friends
  • The customer must renew their current subscription to Better Home and Gardens in order to give the Better Home and Gardens subscription to two of their BFF

The BHG DIY Gift Offer will require the current BHG customer to renew their subscription for another year at a cost of $19.97.  Once the customer has enter the renewal payment information they will have to provide the name, address, and zip code of their friends so they can be sent the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine via US Mail.  When making a payment to BHG the customer can elect to pay with a Discover, Mastercard, Visa, or American Express credit or debit card OR can use the “Bill Me” option.

BHG DIY Gift Offer

  • Cannot be combined with any other promotion subscription offers from Better Homes and Gardens
  • Those who choose not to give a gift subscription will forfeit the right to give the free gift subscription(s)
  • The BHG DIY Gift Offer is good for US subscriptions only
  • This offer is subject to change without notice and can end at anytime
  • When taking advantage of the DIY gift offer promotion customers can opt in to receive special offers from the Better Home and Gardens family of publications via email (simply uncheck the yes box if they do not want these promotional emails)

Who is Better Home and Gardens?

BHG is considers the 4th best-selling magazine in the US and caters to those with a love of home economics and interior design (mostly well to do middle class or upper class women).  The magazine has a subscription based of more than 7 millions customers and the first BHG was issued in 1922.  Better Home and Gardens was founded by former United States Secretary of Agriculture Edwin Meredith and is a part of the “Seven Sisters” network of magazines.

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www.hydroxatone.yourawardcenter.com – Claim $25 Gift Card

Hydroxatone Your Award Center

  • Claim a $25 gift card by completing a super short form online
  • To claim the gift card the consumer will need the Hydroxatone invoice number which is located in Hydroxatone shipment and their PIN number

Any questions in regards to the Hydroxatone Your Award Center promotional offer can be directed to 800.672.2259.  Those who do not have the Hydroxatone invoice number and their PIN number will not be able to redeem the Hydroxatone $25 gift card promotional offer.

Hydroxatone Your Award Center Notes

  • Allow up to 4 weeks for the gift cards to arrive but many will arrive in as little as 2 weeks
  • The gift cards will be in US Dollars
  • Gift cards may not be redeemable outside of the US.
  • Gift cards will arrive by US Mail

What in the world is Hydroxatone?

Hydroxatone products anti aging creams and lotions when combined with a healthy lifestyle (i.e. proper diet and exercise) can produce some pretty good results on ones complexion.  While using any of the Hydroxatone products customers are encouraged to not use any tobacco products, as this can accelerate the deterioration of skin quality and increase the likelihood of wrinkles and undesirable contours in the skin of the face and body… in fact anyone who smokes should quit ASAP even if they are not using the product as smoking adds 10 years.

Some of the more popular Hydroxatone Products?

  • Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex
  • Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion (perfect for those who just a baby)
  • Hydrolyze Under Eye Cream (ideal for those with baggy eyes)
  • Intensive Youth Serum (helps with sun damage and contains anti aging properties)

Most customers using the Hydroxatone Products will see results in just a few weeks assuming they are maintaining a healthy lifestyle (people who eat loads of candy bars and watch TV all day are helpless for the most part).

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www.whatsyourfocussweeps.com – Enter To Win a 2017 Focus RS

Whats Your Focus Sweeps

  • Enter to win a brand spanking new 2017 Focus RS via the 2016 Ford Performance What’s Your Focus Sweepstakes
  • This promotion is sponsored by the Ford Motor Company and will run from 04/15/16 and ends on 10/9/16

The Whats Your Focus Sweeps administrator is listed as CCO Communication, Inc who are headquartered at  3200 Greenfield Road, Suite 280, Dearborn, MI, 48120.  In order to participate in the promotion contestants must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid drivers license, and live legally in one of the lower 48 states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii the Whats Your Focus Sweeps is not for you).  Please note eemployees, directors and officers and their immediate families (which are defined as spouses and siblings, parents and children and their spouses) and household members of Ford Motor Company and CCO Communications are NOT allowed to enter the 2016 Ford Performance What’s Your Focus Sweepstakes.

Whats Your Focus Sweeps Notes

  • Contestants can enter online or via US mail
  • One entry is allowed per person
  • Potential winners will have to file a Affidavit/Release form
  • The total value of the Focus RS is estimated at $45,000.00
  • Odds of winning the brand spanking new Focus RS (2017 model) will depend on the number of eligible entries received for the applicable drawing
  • Those who do not win the Focus are not subject to any other prizes… aka there is only one prize associated with the 2016 Ford Performance What’s Your Focus Sweepstakes 🙁

To enter via US mail please send a 3 x 5 index card with the contestants name, date of birth, address, phone number, and email address to: Campbell Marketing and Communications, 3200 Greenfield Road, Ste. 280, Dearborn, MI 48120… the contestants does not have to send a copy of their driver’s license when entering the Whats Your Focus Sweeps by mail but may be asked to provide it at a later date.

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www.mastercallmobile.com – Switch To MasterCall MOBILE

Master Call Mobile

  • Obtain more information (or sign up) about the Master Call Mobile wireless service
  • This mobile service bills themselves as a one-stop-shop for all wireless needs to include
    talk, text & data

The Master Call Mobile talk, text & data services are all on the state of the art Sprint 4G LTE network which includes super fast Tri-band Internet.  Master Plans start at as little as $15 per month and go all the way up to $75 per month (which isn’t really all that much when compared with other networks).  The $15 per month Master Call Mobile plan includes 1 GB of LTE Data while the $75 plan offers 10 GB of LTE Data.  Please note the following in regards to a Master Call Mobile plan:

  • Monthly Text Allowance – Unlimited
  • Monthly Talk Allowance – 1,000 minutes (Overage – $0.05 per minute)
  • Data Overage – $14 per Gigabyte

Are there basic plans associated with the Master Call Mobile service?  Yes!

Basic plans come in the monthly amounts of $10, $15, $20, or $35.  The more the monthly rate the more minutes the customer receives (i.e. $10 plan = 300 minutes, $15 plan = 500 minutes, $35 plan = 1500 minutes).

Popular phones associated with the Master Call Mobile program include:

  • HTC 601
  • Kyocera Kona
  • Apple iPhone 6s
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • KYOCERA DURAMAX E-4255 (please note this is a basic feature phone)
  • iPhone 6S Plus

Any questions in regards to the Master Call Mobile service can be directed to 1-212-896-4830 or email for General Inquiries contact@ChooseMMC.co.  Customers looking to activate a Master Call Mobile plan should dial 1-888-284-5284 (this number can also be used to make a purchase over the phone).

The Master Call Mobile corporate office is based at 39 Broadway, suite 1850, New York, NY 10006 and can be reached by phone by calling 1 212 324 1221 or fax at 1 212 324 1220.  Any questions in regards to a bill with Master Call Mobile can be directed via email to: billing@ChooseMCC.com.  The service covers all 50 US states but the service can be iffy in some states such as Alaska, Nevada, and Idaho.

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