www.carecordedcallssettlement.com – Wyndham Hotels Telephone Call Lawsuit

CA Recorded Call Settlement

  • A class action lawsuit has been filed against Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, LLC and Wyndham Hotel Group, LLC claim they violated California laws that prohibit the recording of telephone calls without notice to or consent of callers
  • Wyndham denies any action of wrong doing but has agreed to settle in order to avoid a long, expensive trial

The CA recorded call settlement lawsuit includes anyone who called any of the following hotels toll-free number between the time of May 1, 2011 and March 23, 2012: Wyndham Rewards, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Wyndham Grand Hotels and Resorts, Wyndham Garden Hotels, Travelodge, Ramada, Knights Inn, Wingate, Days Inn, Super 8, Baymont, Hawthorn, Microtel, or Tryp (the class member must also have been a California resident at the time and physically located in California when the call was placed).

CA Recorded Call Settlement Notes

  • A settlement fund of $7,325,000 has been announced
  • Class members can receive $150 per qualified call, but not more than $5,000
  • A claim form can be filed online or be requested via US mail by calling 1-800-889-8319
  • Please mail the claim form to Hotel Call Recording Settlement Claims Administrator c/o Rust Consulting P.O. Box 2506 Faribault, MN 55021-9506
  • ALL CLAIM FORMS ARE DUE BY August 18, 2016
  • A fairness hearing will take place on October 18, 2016 to determine of the settlement is fair and reasonable
  • Class members who file valid claims in the CA Recorded Call lawsuit will be represented Eric A. Grover and Scot Bernstein
  • The lawyers are requesting 25% of the settlement amount (which is pretty standard)

This class action lawsuit is officially entitled Roberts v. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, LLC and is case number 12-cv-05083-PSG.  The case will be heard in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.  Those who want to attend the boring fairness hearing will have to make a request and then show up at 50 Golden Gate Avenue, Box 36060, San Francisco, California 94012 (class members are NOT required to attend in order to claim a settlement amount).

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www.step1credit.com – Improve Your Credit Score

Step 1 Credit

  • With Step 1 Credit, customers get unlimited disputes to their credit report, raising their overall credit score. Many credit repair companies have a limit, but Step 1 Credit will take the time to repair as many things as possible
  • Customers can call Step 1 Credit for a free, no obligation consultation about their credit report

Step 1 Credit can help customers remove a wide variety of items from their credit report like late payments, collections notices, liens, inquires, short sales, write-offs and charge offs, foreclosures, judgments, repossession, and more.  Most people know a credit report is important, but don’t know how to actually figure out what all the information means. This means that many people actually have detrimental items on their credit report that are inaccurate, bringing down their credit score when it shouldn’t be.

Step 1 Credit Notes

  • Step 1 Credit works with customers to help remove incorrect items from their credit report, increasing their credit score and saving them money on future loans
  • Living with bad credit can cost customers thousands of dollars
  • Step 1 Credit has helped numerous customers get home loans, auto loans, and more

Thanks to several national laws and programs like the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Fair Credit Billing Act, customers can see every single item on their credit report, and fight any problems they find.

  • Credit companies have 30 to 45 days to investigate a claim, so the maximum amount of time that an incorrect charge will remain on an account is usually no more than 60 days
  • Customers do have legal right to clean up their own credit, but since most people don’t know where to start, they know that trusting Step 1 Credit is the fastest, most effective way to get their credit repaired

Please direct any questions about the Step 1 Credit service to 855-760-5301.  Step 1 Credit helps customers use their legal right to challenges incorrect charges with credit card companies, loan companies, and other credit bureaus.

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www.tellwinndixie.com – Take Winn-Dixie Customer Survey

Tell Winn-Dixie

  • Take a super short survey related to a purchase at Winn-Dixie
  • Customers who complete the survey in full will earn a $5 off coupon on a purchase of $40 or more on their next visit to Winn-Dixie

The Tell Winn-Dixie survey requires the customer to have the 18 digit survey code and Internet access.  The 18 digit survey code can be found on the bottom of the Winn-Dixie customer receipt.  Please note in order to receive the Tell Winn-Dixie feedback survey coupon the customer MUST complete the entire survey (don’t worry all feedback provided during the course of the survey will be held under lock and key).

Tell Winn Dixie Survey Notes

  • Cannot be taken via phone
  • Customers will only have 72 hours to enter the 18 digit survey code from the date of purchase or it will become void
  • All feedback will be used to increase the quality of the service at the Winn-Dixie in question
  • The $5 Tell Winn Dixie coupon cannot be used with any other promotional items and cannot be redeemed for cash


  • Jacksonville FL based supermarket retailer
  • Founded in 1925
  • Has more than 70,00 employees

Winn-Dixie was founded by the legendary William Milton Davis and his four boys Artemus Darius Davis, James Elsworth Davis, Milton Austin Davis and Tine Wayne Davis.  Today the company has annual revenues around 10 billion US dollars and is owned and operated by Southeastern Grocers.

Consumers who shop at Winn-Dixie more than a few times per month will want to consider the Winn-Dixie customer rewards card which will provide the shopper with weekly discounts, as well as special programs and promotions.  To sign up for this reward program simply stop by any Winn-Dixie Customer Service desk in store.  Any questions about the Winn-Dixie rewards card program can be directed to 1-866-WINNDIXIE (1-866-946-6349)… please do not call this number about the Tell Winn-Dixie customer survey.

A few things to note about the Winn-Dixie rewards card:

  • Without the Winn-Dixie Reward Card the customer will not enjoy the discounted savings
  • Please present the card at the time of check out
  • Those who forgot their card can provide their phone number to still earn credit on their Winn-Dixie purchase

The Winn-Dixie corporate office is headquartered at 5050 Edgewood Ct Jacksonville, FL 32254 and can be reached via phone by calling (904) 783-5000.

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www.changetoamerica1.com – The Bill Bonner Financial Newsletter

Change To America 1

  • Bill Bonner is famous for correctly predicting major world shocks, and his firm shows another one hitting the USA soon
  • Analytics have shown that Bonner’s firm reaches more people than the New York Time and the Wall Street journal (estimated to be over 2 million people reached), and the FBI and CIA have actually reached out to him for information and research help
  • The USA has hit the point of no return, and this impending collapse is unavoidable, according to Bonner

A research firm in Baltimore correctly predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the Japanese stock market crash, the rise of Muslim terrorism,  the dot-com bubble burst, and the 2008 financial and housing meltdown. These analysts include the former head of the BBC and an Oxford scholar.

Change To America 1 Notes

  • This firm is projecting a sixth to hit America at any time and that it could be the greatest “shock” yet
  • This shock will begin with simple things like a credit card not working in an ATM, and will quickly lead to a paralyzing situation where every electronic based financial institution will come screeching to a halt
  • The web site “Change to America” shows visitors how the US government is trying to restrict citizens access to cash, and what people can do to prepare for this collapse

How to Get More Information About The Upcoming Collapse

People who decide they want to prepare for the big changes on the way can request more information in the form of subscribing to Bill Bonner’s newsletter. New subscribers will receive several of Bill’s books, both in digital and printed form, and will receive access to his monthly newsletter that has all of the latest information.

What to Know About Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner is the head of a company called Agora Inc., which is the owner of the largest network of independent news and research publishers in the United States.

Their news can’t be found on television or in a newspaper, but they keep a low profile by only distributing their information to their subscribers. Please call 800-681-1765 with any questions in regards to the Change To America 1 promotional newsletter offer.

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www.fdtcpasettlement.com – Family Dollar Settlement Agreement Text Messages

FD TCPA Settlement

  • A class action lawsuit has been filed against Family Dollar in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri Eastern Division
  • The lawsuit is entitled Reginald Moore v. Family Dollar Stores, Inc., and is case number 4:14-CV-01542-JAR on the docket
  • All claims are due by June 3, 2016 (class members MUST file a claim in order to obtain any settlement benefits)

The FD TCPA settlement revolves around claims that Family Dollar sent unauthorized promotional text messages to consumers between the dates of October 16, 2013 to March 7, 2016.  The lawsuit states that Family Dollar violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending these annoying text messages as they did not obtain the consumers consent to send/receive these text messages.  The FD TCPA settlement fund has been set at One Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars and the one way to get a slice of this million dollar settlement fund is to file a claim online or via US mail.

FD TCPA Settlement Notes

  • It is estimated that each class member who files a timely claim will receive a $45 cash payment and a Family Dollar gift card for $30
  • The Family Dollar gift card can be used at any Family Dollar retail location in the United States
  • The settlement payouts may be higher depending on how many people file claims (a maximum of $300 and a Family Dollar gift card of $200)
  • A settlement fairness hearing will be held on June 22, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. to determine of the previous mentioned settlement is fair and reasonable
  • Please allow up to 45 days for the settlement package to arrive by US mail after the settlement has been approved and/or after any appeals have been resolved

All class members in the FD TCPA Settlement case will be represented by David T. Butsch from the law firm of Butsch Roberts & Associates LLC.


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www.payfcs.com – Pay First Collection Debt Services


  • Access a First Collection Service account online and pay down bothersome debt
  • The service is free to use (no fee) and requires the customer to have their account number from their debt letter

The Pay FCS debt service allows the customer to make a payment without registering or the users can go through a short registration process to make future payments faster and easier.  When registering for Pay FCS the customer will have to provide their First Collection Debt Services account number and their zip code (both of these can be located on the collection letter received).  Once the payment has been made it will be applied to the customers statement and applied to the correct account.

Pay FCS Notes

  • First Collection Services is a debt collection agency
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to make a debt payment
  • This is an attempt to collect a debt and all customer information obtained will be used to for that purpose
  • Most customers will want to sign up for the WebView service which allows them to make a secure payment and manage an account online
  • The debtor number will be needed in order to create a WebView account
  • The WebView service will display the customers payment history (which can be printed)
  • The payment history will include the date the debt was paid down, amount, account, and approval code

Any questions about Pay FCS can be directed to 800-491-0324 (this number can also be used for those who are having a financial hardship and would like to make a payment arrangement with one of the Pay FCS representatives).

Pay FCS accepts VISA, MasterCard, or American Express card OR a checking account (i.e. Bank of American checking account) that is in good standing.  When making a payment via a checking account the customer will need the banks routing and account number.

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www.jetbluemastercard.com/activate – Activate Jet Blue Card Account

Jet Blue MasterCard Activate

  • Activate an account online in just a few seconds assuming the card holder has all the required information on hand
  • The Jet Blue MasterCard activate service requires the last 4 digits of the card holders social, date of birth (in mm/dd/yyyy format), and the Jet Blue card account number
  • Those who are existing members can simply access their account online with their username

The Jet Blue Master Card activation service is free to use and once the card is activate online the member will have to a variety of online service (i.e. view statements and transactions, make a payment, update account information).  Please note the Jet Blue MasterCard credit card is issued by Barclay’s Bank Delaware.

Jet Blue MasterCard Activate Comments

  • Any questions about the activation process can be directed to (866) 928-3104
  • Need to fax in documents?  Please fax them to 1-866-823-8178
  • Consumers can obtain cash at any participating ATM in the Plus Network
  • Need to mail a payment?  Fire it off to:  Card Services P.O. Box 13337 Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337 or Card Services P.O. Box 60517 City of Industry, CA 91716-0517
  • Please allow up to 7 days for the payment to arrive by mail and another 3 for the payment to be processed
  • Before filing a payment dispute double-check the name of the company that charged the purchase (sometime the name of the company in which a product was purchased differs from the one showing up on the credit card statement)

Those who are looking to activate their Jet Blue MasterCard over the phone can simply dial 1-877-408-8866.  The card does charge a Foreign Transaction Fee when a purchase is made outside the US.  Those members who would like to request an increase in their credit limit should access their Jet Blue MasterCard account online and navigate to ACCOUNT SETTINGS and then REQUEST CREDIT LINE INCREASE.

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www.pch.com/respond – Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweeps

PCH Respond

  • Enter to win $2,000,000 via the PCH sweepstakes
  • Contestants also stand a chance to win a brand spanking new Lincoln MKZ plus $10,000 a month in cold hard cash for the rest of their life
  • All entries received before 6/7/16 will be eligible for the 2 million dollar prize and once the contestant has entered that will be assigned a prize number (officially this PCH promotion will run until February of 2017)

The PCH Respond promotion grand prize back up draw will take place on 6/30/16 and the lucky winner will be subject to all state and federal taxes. The lucky winner’s prize may be supplemented up to the maximum amount of the Giveaway at PCH’s option and will have 30 days to sign, date, and return the Affidavit of Eligibility.

PCH Respond Notes

  • Online entry is only open to legal residents of the USA and the United Kingdom
  • Upon entry the potential winner allows PCH to use their name and picture in promotional marketing and advertising
  • No purchase is required in order to enter
  • Employees of the Publishers Clearing House are not allowed to participate in the sweepstakes and therefore are not eligible to win the 2 million dollars or the brand spanking new Lincoln MKZ
  • Winners of the Lincoln auto can select a cash prize of just over $36,000 in lieu of the auto
  • Winners claiming the auto must have a valid drivers license to take procession of the car
  • All prizes are awarded as offered and prizes are NOT allowed to be transferred

If the Special Early Look winning number associated with the PCH Respond Prize  is not timely returned or deemed ineligible, a second chance drawing will be held among timely eligible entrants to award a $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize on 6/30/16 payable in accordance with the Official Rules.

Those looking to enter the PCH Respond promotion via mail can write to: Publishers Clearing House, 101 Winners Circle, Port Washington, NY 11053-4016.

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www.computershare.com/investor – Computer Share Investor Center Online

Computer Share Investor

  • Access the state of the art Computer Share Investor center online
  • The service is operated by Computershare Limited and provides uses with fast, secure access to stock holdings and or research market data

New users to the Computer Share Investor program requires the customer to create an account starting with their SS number or their Computer Share Investor holder account number.  The Holder Account Number is ideally used to confirm the customers shareholdings if they live outside the U.S., or you do not wish to use the SS number.  The entire registration process should take less than 100 seconds to complete and requires an email address.

Computer Share Investor Notes

  • Provides access to commonly used tax forms
  • Allows users to make a payment, view recent payment, print recent transactions, and use the latest technology to obtain valuable market data
  • To obtain the latest market data on a company simply use the Compute Share Investor company search tool
  • To use this tool the user will have to provide a company name (i.e. Apple) or ticker symbol (i.e. GM)
  • This tool is free to use to the general public and does not require the user to sign up for the Computer Share Investor service
  • The market data tool will show the current stock price, latest news ain regards to the stock in question, and a price/volume traded chart

Please note the Computer Share Investor Center is not optimized to fit almost all smartphones.  Any questions about the Computer Share Investor center can be directed to a disgruntled customer service agent at 888 887 8945.  Those looking to reach out to the company by mail can write to: P.O. Box 43078 Providence, RI 02940-3078 OR 250 Royall Street Canton, MA 02021 for those looking to write to the Company overnight.

Computershare entered the U.S. market in 2001 and was founded in 1978.  The firm is a publically traded company and can be found under ticker symbol CPU.

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www.survey.marksandmorgan.com – Marks & Morgan Jewelers Survey Sweepstakes

Survey Marks and Morgan

  • Take the Marks & Morgan Jewelers Customer Satisfaction Survey and be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for a $1,000 gift card
  • In order to enter the promotion the customer MUST complete the entire Survey Marks and Morgan

The $1,000 gift card will be subject to taxes and employees of West Coast Marketing (which is a division of The Susquehanna Hat Company) are not allowed to participate.  To enter the Marks & Morgan Jewelers Survey Sweepstakes the contestants must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States.  The $1000 gift card prize is non-transferable and the exact store in which the gift is for is not known.

Survey Marks and Morgan Notes

  • In order to start the survey customers will need the 11 digit survey code which can be found on their Marks and Morgan Jewelers receipt
  • The 11 digit survey code is right below the Marks and Morgan store phone number
  • Contestants are only allowed to win one gift card regardless of how much shiny jewelry they purchase at Marks & Morgan
  • Customer can also dial 1-866-495-4675 to enter the promotion
  • No purchase is required to enter the Survey Marks and Morgan sweepstakes
  • Only one entry is allowed per day regardless of how the contestants enter the promotion
  • The $1000 gift card drawing will normally take place between the 9th and the 16th of the month for the following month
  • One winner will be selected per month

To enter this $1000 gift card sweepstakes via mail please write to: “CUSTOMER FEEDBACK” PROMOTION, PO Box 6041, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413… please include the contestants name, date of birth, mailing address, and email address with proper postage.

Marks & Morgan Jewelers are a member of the prestige Sterling Jewelers Store who offers high-end watches, necklaces, charms, bracelets, and earrings (aka everything a high-class girl needs for a night out on the town).

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