www.lendup.com/prequalified – Apply PreQualified Code

LendUp Prequalified

  • Apply for a pay-day loan in just a few minutes (good credit is not required!)
  • Enter the PreQualified Code in order to begin
  • The PreQualified Code would have been received via a mailing promotion

LendUp.com/PreQualified is a state-licensed, socially responsible direct lender, proudly based at 237 Kearny St, #372, San Francisco, CA 94108.  They adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Federal Debt Collections Protection Act (FDCPA) and report to all of the major credit bureaus (so on time payments will help improve ones credit rating).  Applicants are allowed to borrown anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on their income and net worth (in special circumstances more money may be borrowed but the applicant will have to speak with a rep over the phone in order to secure a higher loan amount).  LendUp does not guarantee a loan and they reserve the right to modify or terminate this offer at anytime.

www.LendUp.com/Prequalified Notes

  • Offers a 15-minute transfer process where available
  • The PreQualified Code will be 12 digits in length
  • Because LendUp reports payment history to one or more credit bureaus, late or non-payment of loan may negatively impact the borrowers credit rating
  • Those without a promotional code can still apply with a valid email address (they must also provide a boat load of personal finance information)
  • Those who fail to pay may have their loan sold to a third-party collection agency or other company that acquires and/or collects delinquent consumer debt
  • Most consumers will only want to take on a pay day loan as a last ditch effort for funds

What real live people are saying about LendUp.com/Prequalified?

  • “You have a great program. I have already paid off and stopped using payday loan lenders. Getting back on track.”
  • “This is the only payday service I’ve used and the only one I will use because it is easy, secure and fast.”
  • “It’s fast, easy, no hoops to jump through and you actually care about me, it’s so refreshing.”


  1. www.lendup.com/prequalified

www.myactivehealth.com/peehip – Members Sign In

My Active Health Peehip

  • Members can sign in with a username/password in order to access valuable resources, guidance and support that will help them reach and exceed their wellness goals
  • This is a must health program for those who are over weight and need guidance on how to be healthy
  • Please note information found via this health portal is intended for general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions

In order to create an account via www.MyActiveHealth.com/peehip the user will have to provide their name (first and last), date of birth, SSN, gender, and zip code.  Although information is shared with the users doctor it may take time for information to travel from the members doctor to their insurance company to MyActiveHealth (in some cases this information could take weeks depending on workload).  MyActiveHealth is not updated immediately because the customers  insurance company has to wait until the doctor, hospital or pharmacy submits a request for payment.  Any questions in regards to MyActiveHealth.com/Peehip can be directed to MyActiveHealth technical support by Email, or by calling toll-free 1-855-294-6580 between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

www.myactivehealth.com/peehip Notes

  • In the event that the customer becomes married they must contact the health insurance company or the benefits manager (aka HR department) in where they work
  • The upper right hand corner of each page will allow the customer to select a language preference
  • Alerts that are marked “urgent” require immediate attention due to health issues
  • Customers who would like to conduct more research on their own will want to click on the “Research” link on the bottom of the FAQ page
  • Information from MyActiveHealth will never be shared without the member’s consent or direction
  • Health education content within this website includes information provided by Healthwise Incorporated and ActiveHealth Management


  1. www.myactivehealth.com/peehip
  2. www.myactivehealth.com/FAQs

www.sprint.com/upgrade – Upgrade Sprint Phone Eligibility

Sprint Upgrade

  • Sprint fan boys will want to check to see if their eligible for an upgrade
  • Customers can sleep easy knowing the upgrade fee will be waived when the upgrade process is conducted online (this is a $30 fee normally!)
  • Customers who are eligible for an upgrade can get their device in store in less than an hour (instant gratification is always nice)

Sprint.com/Upgrade is operated by the Sprint Corporation who are based at 6200 Sprint Parkway Overland Park, KS 66251 United States and can be reached via phone by dialing 855-848-3280.  Customers looking to check their eligibility status via www.sprint.com/upgrade can either login into their Sprint account or simply input their phone number to obtain eligibility status.  Finicky customers will want to check out the upgrade policy page for more detailed information on upgrade eligibility terms and conditions as described by the Sprint Corporation.  Those who want to check upgrade status via MySprint will have to provide their username and password in order to login.

www.Sprint.com/Upgrade Notes

  1. Only accounts in good standing are eligible for an upgrade (accounts that are past-due, unpaid balances are not eligible for the upgrade)
  2. Assuming the customer can upgrade they can pay using the Sprint Flex Lease program, Sprint Discount Program, or simply pay the bill with any valid credit card (might be the best course of action for most consumers)
  3. After the upgrade, it could take 1-3 months for the upgrade eligibility to reflect the correct eligibility date(s)
  4. Sprint reserves the right to modify or terminate the terms of the upgrade program at any time for any reason
  5. Please note not all customers are guranteed to receive an upgrade and only certain wireless devices are eligible
  6. Customers with subsidized devices may be subject to a higher monthly rate when moving to certain plans
  7. Those who are current Verizon Wireless customers will want to stick with VZW as they are much better than Sprint


  1. www.sprint.com/upgrade

www.accounts.53.com/200 – Get $200 when opening Fifth Third Checking

Accounts 53 200

  • Obtain a whopping $200 bonus when opening a a Fifth Third Essential Checking account with direct deposits of $1,000 or more
  • A must for a bank bonus chasers who have $1000 to deposit
  • The only downside of this offer is the $1000 deposit as many everyday people do not even have $1000 in savings

Accounts.53.com/200 promotion is provided by Fifth Third Bank who is proud member FDIC.  The $200 bonus will be deposited into the customers new account after the qualifying activities are complete.  Please note the Fifth Third Bank $200 promotion is only open to NEW customers who do not have a checking account with the bank and Fifth Third reserves the right to modify or terminate the terms of this promotion at any time.  The Fifth Third Essential Checking account comes jammed packed with benefits to include online bill pay, mobile banking and mobile deposits, a Fifth Third Debit card, and access to more than 45,000 fee free ATM machines.

www.Accounts.53.com/200 Promotional Notes

  1. Previous Fifth Third customers must wait 12 months before they are able to apply for a checking account via this promotion and earn $200
  2. Once the account has been opened the customer will have 45 days to deposit the $1000
  3. The $1000 can be added over time and does not have to be deposited all at once as long as it is within 45 days
  4. Qualifying direct deposits are Automated Clearing House (ACH) credits, which may include payroll, pension or government payments
  5. Please allow up to 10 business days for the 1k bonus to arrive in the customers Fifth Third Essential Checking account
  6. Basic Checking, Express Banking and Business Checking accounts are excluded from this offer
  7. Certain Fifth Third Bank checking accounts may come with fees
  8. The $200 bonus will be reported to the IRS and is considered taxable income
  9. All deposits made into a Fifth Third checking account by 8 pm ET will be applied towards that account that day


  1. www.accounts.53.com/200

www.theywinyouscore.com – Enter Code to be Assigned NFL Team

They Win You Score

  • Arriving just in time for the start of the NFL season is the They Win You Score sweepstakes promotion
  • Must be 18 years of age and a legal resident of the US in order to enter (contrary to popular belief being an NFL fan boy is not required)
  • The promotion will run from August 14, 2017 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on October 7, 2017

TheyWinYouScore.com will consist of 8 entry periods with the first prize draw taking place on 8/22/17 and the final prize drawing taking place on 10/09/17. The time clock of computer administering this Promotion is the official clock for They Win You Score sweepstakes.  Contestants can enter with or without purchase.  In order to enter with purchase the contestant will have to purchase a specially marked Frito-Lay or Pepsi product and enter the 9 , 10 or 11 digit promotional code at www.theywinyouscore.com.  10 digit codes will be found on Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar or Pepsi Wild Cherry 20 oz. bottles; or on the inside of the paper board of Pepsi 15-packs or Diet Pepsi 15-packs.  Thrifty consumers who would like to enter the promotion without making a costly purchase can call 1-866-712-2396 24 hours a day 7 days a week and follow the automated instructions.

www.TheyWinYourScore.com Promotional Notes

  1. A must enter promotion for NFL FAN BOYS
  2. Odds of receiving any one NFL team is 1 in 32
  3. Only one code can be entered per day per person regardless of how much money the spend on Pepsi
  4. All contestants are required to have a valid email address
  5. Contestants who are assigned a team that has a bye week will automatically receive a prize
  6. Total value of all prizes to be given away checks in at a whopping $19,295,000.00

TheyWinYouScore.com Grand Prizes?

  • Thanksgiving Prize Trip
  • NFL Weekend in LA Trio
  • Pro Bowl Trip
  • Super Bowl LII Trip
  • NFL Draft Trip
  • 2018 NFL Kickoff Game Trip
  • NFL Team Season Tickets


  1. www.theywinyouscore.com

www.myloan.greenskycredit.com – Login Pending Application or Existing Account

My Loan Green Sky Credit

  • Access a Green Sky Credit account online
  • Requires the application ID and the last 4 digits of the users SSN
  • the Green Sky Credit application ID can be found within the confirmation email sent at the time of application

MyLoan.GreenSkyCredit.com is operated by GreenSky, LLC. who provides credit without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender or familial status as long as the applicant meets the credit rating qualifications.  Any and all questions in regards to an application or general questions about a loan can be directed to a Green Sky Credit customer service agent at 866-936-0602 between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm CT Monday to Friday.  GreenSky Credit LLC is based at 1797 NE Expy NE #100, Atlanta, GA 30329 and the corporate office can be reached by phone at (866) 936-0602.  Assuming the applicant is approved they will receive their 16 digit account number, expiration date and security code via email within 24 hours of approval.

www.MyLoanGreenSkyCredit.com Notes

  • GreenSky’s revolutionary technology platform allows for an applicant to obtain a credit decisions anytime, any place, by phone, website or mobile app in seconds
  • A must for people who need a line of credit ASAP
  • The customer’s GreenSky account number can be used to process the payment just like a credit card
  • Those who have a succesful small business can dial 1-800-357-1558 to obtain more information on how GreenSky Credit can help their business grown into a large multi million dollar firm!
  • Same day payments can be made online or finicky consumers can schedule an upcoming payment online
  • There are no prepayment penalties BUT there are late fees are dictated by the lender’s state law
  • Applications can be made online or via phone (paper loan application via fax and or email are NOT allowed)
  • Speaking with a GreenSky Program Customer Services Representative over the phone is the best application option for old people who do not like using the Internet


  1. www.myloan.greenskycredit.com
  2. www.greenskycredit.com/customer-faq

www.directv.com/recycle – FREE Electronics Recycling


  • AT&T and the Goodwill have combined forces to provide free electronics recycling
  • A must for people who care about the environment
  • Rumor has it that Al Gore had a helping hand in creating this environmental friendly program

DIRECTV.com/Recycle provides instructions on how to drop off a used DIRECTV electronic device at any Goodwill location near that participates int he program.  Those who are not lucky enough to live and play in the Centennial State can print a mailing label and ship the bothersome equipment to the Goodwill in Denver for free.  Please note AT&T works hand in hand with the ever popular Goodwill Industries of Denver in order to ensure used electronics can go into job skills training locally and support responsible recycling effort in order to make the planet a better place to live for future generations.  Any questions in regards to DIRECTV.com/Recycle can be directed to 6850 Federal Boulevard Denver, CO 80221 or by phone (303) 650-7700 (between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm MT Monday to Friday) or via email to tturner@goodwilldenver.org

www.DIRECTV.com/Recycle Notes

  1. Offers a mailing label for non Colorado residents free of charge
  2. If certain electronic item(s) is/are not accepted through this program, consumers can access the Sustainable Electronics Recycling Interanational (SERI) website to find a local R2 certified recycler
  3. In order to secure a mailing label the customer will have to provide their name, phone number, address, and email address
  4. There are more than two dozen drop off locations in the Denver area making it a no brainer
  5. This program is ongoing until further notice

Goodwill Industries International Inc., is a Maryland based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1902 out of Boston MA by Reverend Edgar J. Helms.  The Goodwill is currently headquartered at 15810 Indianola Drive Rockville, Maryland, United States 20855 and has served more than 35 million people.


  1. www.directv.com/recycle

www.verizonwireless.com/prepay – Verizon Prepaid Services

Verizon Wireless Prepay

  • Sign up for a VZW prepay account online
  • Ideal for people who like to pay for something and then get it instead of the other way around
  • VerizonWireless.com/prepay is now available with Apple iPhones

Verizon Prepaid services start of for as little as $40 per month and max out at $80 per month depending on the consumers needs.  Best selling phones associated with the Verizon Wireless Prepay promotion include the Optimus Zone 3, Moto G, K8 V, and the Desire 526 (all of these phones are excellent choices but the Moto G really stands out from the pack).  Customers can sleep easy knowing they are not charged an activation fee when using the prepaid service from VZW and they have access to the award-winning Verizon Wireless customer service number 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Please note in order to make international long distance calls from the United States while in the Verizon Wireless network to an international destination the customer may need to add an international services bundle to an active account. Any questions in regards to the Verizon Wireless Prepay program can be directed to VZW at 1 (800) 922-0204.

VerizonWireless.com/Prepay plans?

  1. $40 first 3GB (includes unlimited calls and text)
  2. $50 first 7GB (includes unlimited calls and text)
  3. $60 first 10GB (comes with Unlimited Text to over 200 international destinations Unlimited Talk to Mexico & Canada)
  4. $80 UNLIMITED (unlimited everything)

www.VerizonWireless.com/Prepay Notes

  • A must for Verizon Wireless fan boys
  • Any questions about VZW plans can be directed to the Verizon Wireless sales team at 1 (800) 256-4646
  • Customers who are tired of the shady service at AT&T or Sprint will want to consider this offer or at the very least sleep on it
  • Prepaid VZW can dial *611 + Send to check a current balance or #PMT (#768) + Send to make a payment
  • Verizon accepts any major credit card when making a payment (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa)


  1. www.verizonwireless.com/prepay

www.burgerkingvoice.com – Take Burger King Employee Survey

Burger King Voice

  • Take part in the Burger King employee engagement survey
  • Open to Burger King employees only (McDonald employees need to find their own employee survey!)
  • Available in English and Spanish as there are a few Burger King employees who speak Spanish only

BurgerKingVoice.com is operated by InMoment and requires the Burger King restaurant number.  The Burger King restaurant number will either be 2 or 5 digits long based on the BK location (lackadaisical employees who are unsure of their Burger King location number should ask their manager or assistant manager).  All feedback provided by Burger King employees will be held confidential and will only be used to make Burger King more employee friendly (after all happy employees equal good workers).  www.burgerkingvoice.com will never be used to make decisions in regards to promotions and other BK employee awards.

www.BurgerKingVoice.com Notes

  • A must for BK employees looking to make their location a better place to work
  • Employees are NOT required to take the survey but are highly encouraged
  • Employees will not receive compenstion for taking part in the survey
  • Any questions in regards to the Burger King Voice survey can be directed to the employee manager or dial 1 (866) 394-2493

Burger King is a Miami based hamburger fast food restaurant with locations across the globe.  The company was orginally formed under the name InstaBurger King back in 1954 by David Edgerton and James McLamore.  Must try menu items include the Whopper, Mushroom & Swiss King, Double Whopper, Triple Whooper (this is an off menu item that has to be asked for), Extra Long Cheeseburger, and the Classic Grilled Dog (where available).  Burger King does offer delivery services in limited areas (think Domino’s pizza accept for burgers).  Burger King fan boys can check if BK delivery services are available in their are by providing their zip code.


  1. www.burgerkingvoice.com

www.carpoolcares.com – Win Car Pool Wash Tickets Survey

Car Pool Cares

  • Take a short survey in regards to a car wash at Car Pool
  • the Car Pool Car Wash customer survey will take about 5 minutes to complete
  • Customers who complete the survey in full will earn a nice little kickback in the form of a sweepstakes entry for free car wash tickets

CarPoolCares.com is operated by InMoment Inc. and requires the Car Pool location, the date of visit, the time, and the license plate number.  Once the customer has provided the required information they will be asked a variety of questions in regards to their car wash purchase.  Once the customer has answered all the bothersome questions they will be entered into the Car Pool Cares customer survey sweepstakes.  In order to enter the Car Pool Cares sweepstakes promotion the customer must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States.  Please note employees of Car Pool LLC are NOT allowed to enter the promotion and a purchase or completion of a Car Pool customer survey does not increase the odds of winning.  The sponsor of the CarPoolCares.com promotion is listed as Car Pool LLC.

www.CarPoolCares.com Promotional Notes

  • Weekly drawings
  • Only one entry is allowed per week regardless of how many car washes are purchased
  • Lucky winners will have until 12/31/2019 to redeem their car wash prize
  • Entrants must specify at time of entry which Car Pool Car Wash full service location they are entering the weekly drawing for
  • Any questions in regards to the Car Pool Cares promotion (including the winners list) can be directed to Car Pool Survey Sweepstakes, 5020 Monument Ave, Richmond VA 23230

Which Car Pool locations offer the survey?

  • 11950 West Broad St, Richmond VA 23233 9200 West Broad St, Richmond VA 23294
  • 5514 West Broad St, Richmond VA 23230
  • 7123 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville VA 23111
  • 9850 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond VA 23235
  • 10310 Hull St, Richmond VA 23112


  1. www.carpoolcares.com