www.myvanilladebitcard.com activate – Vanilla Debit Card Activation

My Vanilla Debit Card Activate

  • Allows a customer to activate the MyVanilla reloadable prepaid card online
  • Debit cards are ideal for consumers who have issues running up debt on a credit card
  • The My Vanilla Debit card can be used anywhere Visa/Mastercard is accepted
  • Visit www.myvanilladebitcard.com to activate a card now

When users sign up for the MyVanilla card, they’re making their money management much more simple than other methods.

The MyVanilla card is not a credit card, so there’s no “approval” needed, no credit checks, and no interest that builds up over time.

Consumers who fail time and time again to pay off a credit card are an ideal candidate for this debt card.

MyVanilla card users can choose to have their payroll check, government benefits check, or tax return deposited directly on to a card with no added fees, and no long check cashing lines on payday.

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myvanilladebitcard.com activate

MyVanillaDebitCard.com Credit Card Options

My Vanilla Debit Card Notes

  • MyVanilla is a prepaid, reloadable card that functions just like a credit or debit card, and can be used to pay bills, receive a direct deposit, and more
  • Since MyVanilla isn’t a credit card, there’s no application process that involves approval and credit checks
  • MyVanilla is accepted anywhere worldwide that Visa and Mastercard are taken

MyVanilla customers can sign up for e-mail or text alerts to receive notification when purchases above a certain threshold are made, or when the balance dips below a certain point.

For signature and PIN transactions made with a MyVanilla card, a 50 cent processing fee is charged.

MyVanillaDebitCard Customer Service

Any questions about the My Vanilla Debit Card activation process?

  • 1-855-686-9513
  • MyVanilla Customer Care, PO Box 826, Fortson, GA 31808
  • A fax number could not be found

For an account that stays dormant and shows no activity for a month, a $3.95 dormancy fee is charged.

Customers can use a MyVanilla card to access funds at millions of ATMs around the world.

When used at a MoneyPass Network ATM, there are no surcharge fees.

With a mobile phone and the Ingo Money App, users can even deposit checks straight to their account with just a phone.

My Vanilla Debit Card Won’t Activate?

Occasionally customers report receiving a Vanilla debit card and it will not activate via online access.

If you find your Vanilla debit card won’t activate please call the toll-free number on the back of the card or dial 1-855-686-9513.

Why is my Visa gift card being declined?

AGAIN you should call the 855 customer service number if you are trying to pay for a purchase and the card is being declined.

MyVanillaDebitCard fees?

There are no fees for direct depositing payroll and government benefits to your account, or for downloading the MyVanilla App.

The card also comes with NO OVERDRAFT FEES! – www.myvanillacard.com/faq

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www.mycard.adp.com activate – Aline Card Activation Services

My Card ADP Activation

  • Allows a user to activate an ALINE card
  • Activation will take less than 60 seconds
  • Activation requires Internet access and the ALINE card number

MyCard.ADP.com Activate is managed by ADP.  The ALINE card is issued by MB Financial Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, and Central National Bank, Enid, Oklahoma, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and MasterCard International, Inc.


Once the ADP ALINE card has been activated the user will be able to use the card to make purchases in store (i.e. Macy’s), online (i.e. Amazon.com), or over the phone.  When making a purchase over the phone the ALINE card user will have to provide their card number and security code.  Members will also be able to set up account alerts, manage their money on the go via the FREE ADP Mobile Solutions App, and obtain cash back at thousand of retailers.

www.MyCard.ADP.com Activate Notes

  • The only way to activate a card as it does not appear the ALINE card can be activated over the phone
  • ALINE card members can add money to their card at thousands of retailers in the United States, pay from other jobs, Gov benefits (i.e. Veteran Affairs disability or pension payments), tax return payments, and child support payments
  • The ALINE card may be issued by Visa or MasterCard
  • The card cannot be used outside the United States
  • This card is ideal for ADP members

The ALINE Credit Card comes with a slick and FREE ADP Mobile Solutions App which allows the card holder to check their balance, make a payment, view recent transactions and update account information.  The user will also be able to use the app to view routing and account numbers.  The ALINE Card ADP Mobile Solutions App is available on Google Play and the App Store.


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  2. www.visaprepaidprocessing.com

www.sony.com/productregistration – Register to Win a Sony Product

Sony Product Registration

  • Register a Sony product online and maybe win something in the process
  • That something will be a low dollar Sony electronic product
  • Please note registration is voluntary and failure to register will not diminish the customers limited warranty rights

Sony.com/ProductRegistration requires the customer to provide a valid email address, the Sony product number, purchase date, and place of purchase (i.e. Best Buy, Walmart).  Those who already have a Sony Product registration account can simply login with their credentials in order to register a product they just bought.  Customers who frequently buy Sony products will want to register an account as it provides proof of ownership in case the product is ever lost or stolen, users can find Sony product manuals and warranty information in one easy to find location, and provides the latest firmware and software updates to get the most out of the Sony product in question.  Common Sony products that are registered online include TV’s, Remote Controls, Head Phones, Video Game Systems, Desktop Computers, and Sony Tablets.  Sony offers a page that allows the customer to find a model number for any Sony product.

www.Sony.com/ProductRegistration Instructions

  1. Purchase a Sony product
  2. Hurry home and access the Internet (customers without Internet can always visit their local library)
  3. Navigate to the registration URL
  4. Provide the model number, date of purchase, and place of purchase (as mentioned above)
  5. Register the Sony product and sleep easy knowing the product is in the Sony online data base

Sony.com/ProductRegistration Notes

  • Products can be registered by customers in the US, Canada, Latin America and Asia-Pacific
  • Products can be deleted from a Sony account via the account home page
  • Any questions in regards to the Sony registration service can be directed to 1 (800) 222-7669
  • This is a FREE service but Sony reserves the right to modify or cancel the terms of the promotion at anytime


  1. www.sony.com/productregistration
  2. Sony Product Registration FAQ

www.activate.spectrum.net – Spectrum Activation Online

Activate Spectrum

  • Activate a Charter Spectrum service from the comfort of an office chair
  • The activation process is so easy a caveman could do it and it should take less than 3 minutes
  • Activate.Spectrum.com is operated by Charter Communication LCC

Before starting the activation process please be sure to power and connect all of the device the customer plans on activating (this will avoid a embarrassing phone call to the Spectrum customer service team).  Any questions in regards to www.activate.spectrum.com can be directed to 1 (855) 757-7328 or refer to the instructions booklet that came with the equipment in question. Customers who carelessly tossed the instructions in the trash will want to access copies of those instructions and other helpful tips on our support site (or they can go dumpster diving in hopes that the instructions are not already covered in last nights meat loaf).  In order to start the activation process the customer will need to provide their Spectrum account number or the phone number associated with the Spectrum account in question along with their service zip code.  The customers Spectrum account number will be 16-digit long and can be found on the welcome received with the equipment in question.

www.Activate.Spectrum.com Pro Tips

  1. Be sure to use the zip code where the service is provided
  2. Use a device with stable Internet connection in a safe location (avoid activation when driving down the highway going 75 mph)
  3. Refer to the instructions booklet before calling the Spectrum toll-free number
  4. Those who do back themselves into a corner and cannot get out should dial (855) 632-7020 and simply state “activation” when prompted
  5. The online instructions are available for download in PDF format
  6. When activating a device payments can be made using any major credit card (American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard)
  7. Instructions are available in both English and Spanish


  1. www.activate.spectrum.net

www.vzw.com/nextbillsummary – Make Payments or View Verizon Bill

VZW Next Bill Summary

  • Make a Verizon Wireless payment online in a snap
  • VZW customers who are stuck in the stone age and do not have Internet access will not be able to pay online
  • A short account registration is required for brand spanking new customers

VZW.com/NextBillSummary.com is free for all Verizon Wireless customers and requires a valid email address.  Verizon will not spam the customers email address or sell it to a third-party for a profit.  VZW will only use the customers email address for communication in regards to their account and promotional announcements.  Upon registration the customer will be sent a registration PIN via text (this PIN will expire in 10 minutes so please input the PIN immediately upon registration).  Any questions in regards to a bill associated with a Verizon account can be directed to 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966).  Please note VZW Employee or Military discounts do apply when applicable.  The VZW unlimited plan does include tethering and Mobile Hotspot service which include 4G data speeds applying for the first 10 GB monthly per line.  Verizon competes with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint for consumer dollars.  The best wireless service is Verizon, then T-Mobile, then AT&T.

www.VZW.com/NextBillSummary Functions

  • View customer usage in order to avoid over charges
  • Make payments online using any valid credit card (PayPal is not accepted)
  • Change or reset the customers Voice Mail password
  • Access My Verizon on a mobile device
  • Update customers contact information to include their phone number, address, and name


VZW.com/NextBillSummary Sign Up Instructions

  1. Convince your husband you need a new phone
  2. Purchase a Verizon phone and data plan
  3. Navigate to the sign up URL
  4. Have the mobile device in question nearby
  5. Verizon will send a text message to the phone with a sign up PIN
  6. Enter the phone number and registration PIN
  7. Provide a valid email address
  8. Presto Mesto the customer can now access a VZW account online


  1. www.vzw.com/nextbillsummary
  2. www.vzw.com

www.pandora.com/activate and enter the activation code – Set Up Pandora Device

Pandora Activate and Enter the Activation Code

  • Activate Pandora on a device in three simple steps
  • Users will be amazed at how easy the activation process is
  • Once activation has been complete the customer can use Pandora until their ears fall off

Pandora.com/Activate requires the activation code and Internet access.  The activation code can be found on the Pandora product as it will provide a code to use on www.pandora.com/activate and enter the activation code.  This is a free service operated by Pandora Media, Inc. (Pandora and the Music Genome Project are registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc.).  After all three steps have been completed the user will have successfully activated their device.  If the product still is not activated please enter the activation code in the provided field for the second time and go through the set-up process again.  Those who are still having problems activating a device should clear their browser’s cache (pro tip!)

Clear your browser’s Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History in order to activate a Pandora device:

  1. Clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner (“Tools” for older versions of Internet Explorer) > Internet Options
  2. On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Delete
  3. Check Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History and select Delete
  4. Restart the computer and cross fingers
  5. Go through the activation process again at www.pandora.com/activate and enter the activation code

www.Pandora.com/Activate Notes

  • A must for Pandora fan boys
  • Any questions about the service can be directed to Pandora at (510) 451-4100
  • Those looking to reach the firm by mail can write to: Pandora Media, Inc. 2101 Webster St Suite 1650 Oakland, California 94612
  • Pandora is powered by the Music Genome Project
  • MGP bill themselves as the most comprehensive music analysis ever undertaken
  • Users can create a playlist based on their favorite artist, song, genre, or comedian


  1. www.pandora.com/activate
  2. help.pandora.com