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Login or register for the Sync My Ride service online.  Please note there are a total of four versions of SYNC available, depending on the members vehicle’s model and year.

What are the benefits or registering a Sync My Ride Applink?

  • Get just-for-you deals
  • Receive important vehicle notifications
  • Pay a Ford Credit bill (can be paid with any credit or debit card)
  • View the vehicles service history (i.e. Oil change, brakes)
  • Manage SYNC settings

The Sync My Ride service is designed for Ford or Lincoln auto owners.

Questions about the Connect Sync My Ride Applink?

Please send them to 1-800-241-3673 (for Ford owners) – 1-800-521-4140 (for Lincoln owners) and for our Northern comrades 1-800-665-2006 (Canada).


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HBO’s Game of Thrones To Cross The Finish Line Before RR Martin?

Author of A Song of Ice And Fire and many other works set in the same Fantasy universe, George RR Martin admitted recently to the possibility that HBO may wrap things up faster than he will. Oftentimes cryptic and evasive with his answers, Martin declared that anything can happen really, when asked about it at Spokane’s Sasquan sci-fi convention.

He went on to add that scripts tend to be much shorter than his mammoth-sized books and that writing 1500 pages tends to take quite a lot longer. In line with his usual speeches, which underline the fact that the show is a separate entity from his books, he said that the possibility does not bother him and that he’ll keep to his usual writing pace.

Previously meant to only have seven seasons, somewhat of a staple when it comes to successful HBO series, Game of Thrones received the green light to go for eight this summer. Even devoid of many minor plots and quite a slew of book characters, the show may need the extra season to reach the ending without rushing too much through the content.

Both Benioff and Weiss, the show’s writers, are privy to the much awaited for ending of the series, an ending that RR Martin revealed to them at the beginning of their collaboration. The show’s fifth season already went into uncharted territory for the book readers, advancing the plot beyond A Dance With Dragons, Martin’s latest published book in the series.

Although George RR Martin has showcased many chapters from his next book, The Winds of Winter is still without a set date for publishing, leaving readers to wait in the dark. Considering the amount of time that took for the author to complete the first five books and that TWOW is not the last installment, HBO’s Game of Thrones might very well finish this race first.