www.productassist.com/nosweatprotectionplan – File a Claim or Upload a Receipt

Product Assist No Sweat Protection Plan

  • File a protection claim or upload a receipt online
  • Users can also track the status of a claim with the service request number
  • This is a free service

The product assist no sweat protection plan service is operated by Asurion Inc. and makes filing a claim super easy.  In order to file a claim the user will need the mobile number/email associated with the plan in questions OR provide the online order number if the purchase was secured online.  Please note the user must submit a receipt before a product protection plan claim can be filed.  Those who need to submit a receipt can either upload it from their computer, text a photo of the customers receipt to 20333, or upload a photo from a mobile device.  Those who elect to text a photo of the receipt will need to make sure the photo is clear or it will be rejected.  A few tips for making the photo receipt clear include placing the receipt of a flat surface, hold the picture device (i.e. mobile phone) 6 to 12 inches from the receipt, keep the device level and parallel to the receipt, and make sure receipt is centered and in-focus.  Once the receipt has been submitted the customer is free to file a claim in the purchase.  In the event the customer has to file a claim they will have to explain what is wrong with the product and provide the purchase details.

Asurion Inc.

  • Nashville based information technology firm
  • Founded in 1994
  • Employs more than 17,000 peopl

Any questions in regard to the product assist no sweat protection plan can be directed to a customer service agent at 1-888-775-6937.  Customers can also write to Asurion Inc. at 648 Grassmere Park Nashville, TN 37211 or Tweet them: @asurioncares or contact them via Facebook: fb.com/asurion


  1. www.productassist.com/nosweatprotectionplan