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DuPont Titanium Dioxide Class Action

  • Obtain all the dirty details in regards to the class action lawsuit entitled Jan Harrison, et al. v. DuPont, et al.,
  • TitaniumPaintSettlement.com is adminstered by Digital Settlements Group
  • A settlement fairness hearing will take place on or around 8/16/18 to determine of the settlement is fair

The DuPont Titanium Dioxide Class Action Lawsuit claims that E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company, Huntsman International LLC, Kronos Worldwide Inc., and Cristal USA Inc. f/k/a Millennium Inorganic Chemicals Inc. conspired to fix, raise, maintain and stabilize the price of titanium dioxide so the consumers would end up paying more for the paint (which is in violation of federal antitrust laws according to the lawsuit).  The defendants deny any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to a mind blowing $3,500,000 settlement in order to avoid further trial.

Class members in the TitaniumPaintSettlement.com are defined as anyone who purchased architectural paint for use at a home or business located in the United States between Jan. 1, 2002 and Dec. 13, 2017.  Those who qualify as class members may receive cash compensation from the DuPont class action settlement.

www.TitaniumPaintSettlement.com Notes

  • It is estimated that class members will receive $0.76 per gallon of paint for all eligible claims filed by Damages Settlement Class Members
  • Class Members who are submitting claims for $600 or more must submit a W-9 form along with a completed Claim Form
  • Class members making claims of 11 gallons or more will have to provide proof of purchase
  • Class members who file timely claims will be represented by Jonathan W. Cuneo and Don Barrett

Any questions in regards to the Titanium Paint Settlement can be directed to Titanium Dioxide Paint Settlement Administrator, c/o Digital Settlements Group, P.O. Box 1571, West Palm Beach, FL 33402 or dial toll free 1-877-388-5623.  Class members looking to reach out by email can send it to: info@TitaniumPaintSettlement.com.


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