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1STCB Online Banking

  • Access 1st Convenience Online Banking Services (new customers will have to enroll before they are allowed access to online banking options)
  • The service is free to use and can be accessed from a Mobile Phone with the App Store or Google Play

Online services associated with 1STCB Online Banking include Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, Transfers (send money to another person across the country), E-Statements and Alerts (set up account alerts in relation to payment reminders or when a payment is made).  When using the 1st Convenience Online Banking Services baking customers can view up to 90 days worth of transactions online (anything more than that and the customer will have to contact 1st Convenience directly).

1STCB Online Banking Notes

  • In order to enroll (aka register) banking customers must have their Social Security Number, Email Address, Telephone Banking PIN (IVR PIN), Account Type and Account Number
  • If the 1st Convenience Online Banking customer is inactive for 20 minutes they will be automatically logged out of the system
  • Transferring money from First National Bank Texas or First Convenience Bank customers requires both customers to be online banking users)
  • Setting up alerts should only take a few minutes
  • Microsoft Money is available through the online banking services

When setting up 1st Convenience Online Banking alerts customers can pick between “voluntary” and “mandatory” alerts.  Mandatory alerts are sent AUTOMATICALLY for activities such as transfers and changing passwords.  Voluntary alerts are optional.

The following information is required when conducting an online transfer with 1STCB Online Banking:

  • Account Number
  • Account Type
  • Description
  • One additional identifier such as last name or company name

Any questions about the 1STCB online banking service can be directed to a humble customer service agent at 800-903-7490.  This online banking service is used by both First National Bank Texas (FNBT) and First Convenience Bank (FCB).

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