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7 Eleven Fleet Card

This card is ideal for anyone who owns a company that operates a fleet of vehicles that guzzles up expensive gasoline.  7 Eleven Fleet Card can save up to 5 cents per gallon on any fuel brand at 7-Eleven pumps (savings start out at 1 cent per gallon).  Drivers will have around 3,200 7-Eleven location to choose from across the US and current card members state the card has significantly impacted bottom line savings.

7-Eleven Universal Fleet Card Notes

  • Applicable to new 7-Eleven Universal Fleet Card accounts holders only
  • 7-cent promotional period begins the day the account is opened and applies to gallons fueled at 7-Eleven only
  • The fuel rebate will appear on the same month in which purchases were made
  • Allows business owners to track and view what their drivers are spending money on and who made the purchase

Any questions about 7-elevenfleetcard.com can be directed to a customer care agent at 1-866-558-5975.

How much will a business owner save?  If the fleet of vehicles uses 0 to 499 gallons of gas per month they will earn a 1 cent rebate, 500 to 1499 will earn a 2 cent rebate, 1500 to 4999 will earn 3 cents, 5000 to 9999 will earn 4 cents, AND the maximum amount a 7-Eleven Universal Fleet Card member can earn is 5 cents when they purchase more than 10000 gallons of fuel in a given month.

7-11 or 7-Eleven

  • Texas-based convenience store chain that operates globally
  • Founded in 1927
  • More than 50,000 locations

The 7-ELEVEN corporate office is based at 7‑Eleven, Inc. One Arts Plaza 1722 Routh St., Suite 1000 Dallas, TX 75201 and can be reached by phone by calling 1-800-255-0711 or 972-828-7011 for local calls.  

Besides gasoline 7-Eleven also profits from the sales of the legendary Slurpee beverage, the Big Gulp (which is extremely popular with over the road truck drivers), coffee (for the working stiff), sandwiches, and chips/snacks.

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