www.aarp.com/fraudwatchnetwork – AARP Fraud Watch Network

AARP Fraud Watch Network

  • Provides information about how to avoid Internet scams and credit card fraud

Readers can simply read the articles provided on the AARP Fraud Network page or sign up for an account which will send the readers alerts in regards to the latest, breaking scam alerts… these scam alerts will be sent directly to the readers email address used at the time of sign up.  The “Protect Yourself from Con Artists’ Latest Tricks” SCAM ALERT subscription is free and requires the reader to provide their name and email address.  On top of the fraud alerts readers will also receive prevention tips based on thousands of hours of interviews with con artists and law enforcement, AARP network experts access, and access to a forum where people can share/discuss their scam experiences.  Readers can also register for a FREE e-book entitled “Protecting Yourself Online for Dummies”… this e-book will cover topics such as how to create a strong password (which is essential these days), how to use social media without falling prey to a scam, and how to bank safely.

AARP Fraud Watch Network Notes

  • AARP provides this service for free because they are committed to safeguarding Americans’ financial futures
  • Readers can view scams related to their state only
  • Readers can take a scam quiz to test their knowledge of scams and how to avoid them

AARP is a membership organization for people age 50 or older (aka senior citizens).  The organization as founded in 1958 under the name the American Association of Retired Persons.  Today AARP boast more than 35 million members and offers sound advice for old people both online or via print.

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