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AARP Discounts Meijer2

Learn more about the AARP discount program that will help consumers save money when shopping at Meijer.  Please note that AARP does not provide retail goods or services or discounts on such goods or services and is simply allowing Meijer to use their name in order to reach the older portion of the US consumer.  If the consumer signs up for the AARP Discount Meijer 2 program they will receive savings on select products by swiping their membership card at the time of checkout (the card is not needed and members can simply provide their name and account number at the time of purchase).

Instant Savings on Select Products?

  • Saving offers can be sorted by trending (most popular), featured or by savings amount
  • There may be a limited amount of saving offers provided by Meijers at any given time
  • All offers will show the expiration date when viewing online
  • Each month the offers will change and members will receive a email notification when a change has been made to the coupons offered
  • Members are not required to renew or reload their card
  • The savings amount should appear on the Meijer receipt

Examples of current coupons offered by the AARP Discounts Meijer2 program include Save $1.25 on Poise, Save $1.00 Kleenex Facial Tissue, Save $2.00 Depend Underwear (a big seller with old people), and Save $1.50 SCOTT 1000 12 pack or larger (perfect for a household with kids).

Meijer Inc

  • A Michigan based hypermarket retailer
  • Founded in 1934 and has operations in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kentucky
  • Meijer is credited with pioneering the modern super center concept in 1962

The firm was founded by Dutch immigrant Hendrik Meijer (who was a top-notch barber before stating the grocery store) during the great depression and specialized in low-cost products.  Today the firm has revenues North of 15 billion US Dollars and offers clothing, footwear, gasoline, furniture, and jewelry products just ti name a few.

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