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Safely and securely activate a new card online in just a few minutes.  The users will need the card number they are trying to activate along with Internet access.  When entering the card number the card holder should enter the number without any dashes or spaces (entering a dash or space may cause the card activation process to error out).   Activatemycards.com is available in English or Spanish and the entire process should take less than 1 minute to complete.

Please note any and all personal information collected for the card activation service is for security purposes only the customer can rest assured knowing  the information is not stored, used for marketing purposes, sold, or shared with any other business or organization (such as a telemarketing firm based in India or Mexico).  The cardholders can activate more than one card BUT in every case the user must have the card number.

Cards that are associated with this activation service include certain Visa credit cards (to include the popular Veridan Visa Card), the Upsidecard, and the Excella Card.

The most popular card is the Veridan credit card which comes in two card options:

  1. Veridian Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card  (offers rewards when using the card to make purchases)
  2. Veridian Visa Platinum Credit Card (offers a APR as low as 8.15% APR PLUS reward offers)

The Veridian Platinum card is designed for those who like rewards but may from time to time forget to make a payment or not have enough funds to pay a credit card bill in full for the given month.  Both Veridian credit cards are subject to approval and vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications and collateral conditions.

Any questions about the card can be directed to a Veridian credit union customer care agent at (800) 235-3228 or (319) 236-5600 (while mortgage lending questions can be directed to (319) 236-6715).

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