www.advantrentalfine.com – Pay or Dispute a Traffic Ticket

Advant Rental Fine

  • Pay a bothersome traffic ticket associated with a rental car
  • The rental car come is allowed to bill the customer’s credit card for the ticket if they fail to pay online
  • Those who feel they were wronged can also dispute the traffic ticket

AdvantRentalFine.com is operated by ATS Processing Services and includes parking tickets and toll or photo-enforcement citations received during the term of the rental.  In order to view the ticket/citation online please view details please follow the log-in instructions on www.advantrentalfine.com.  All tickets can be paid using a major credit card (i.e. American Express Gold Card, US Bank credit card, AMEX Black credit card) or with a check by mail.  Those who already paid the ticket will want to file a dispute in order to claim a refund.  In order to file a dispute on AdvantRentalFine.com the rental car customer will have to provide their name, DOB, SSN, and the rental car dates plus the license plate number.  Please do not contact ATS Processing Services in regards to the ticket.  Any and all questions about the ticket should be directed to the police department who issued the ticket.

www.AdvantRentalFine.com Notes

  • Ideal for those looking to pay off their traffic ticket they incurred while renting a car from Advant
  • Requires Internet connection
  • The customer does not need to have the traffic ticket on hand
  • When filing for a reimbursement the customer will need proof the ticket was paid down
  • Proof includes a receipt, a bank statement, or the front and back of the canceled check
  • When making a payment by mail please include the coupon at the bottom of the mailing notice from ATS and mail it along with a check for the amount due
  • Those who fail to pay the ticket will start receiving call from the creditors and may harm their credit rating


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  2. www.advantrentalfine.com/FAQ