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Altucher Advisory 2

  • Multimillionaire investor James Altuche is revealing his investment system to the public — one that he’s used to make millions of dollars with less than $2,000 startup costs

On this website, James Altuche tells the story of how $2,000 was invested into a startup (one that had no revenue and had only one employee) that became $10 million just 9 months later.  James Altuche has a brand new approach to investing, one that works for people who don’t know the first thing about Silicon Valley or Wall Street, to people who have been experts in these areas for decades.

Altucher Confidential Investor Newsletter Notes

  • The 1% Advisory newsletter usually costs $2,500 a year, but it’s available for free through thealtucherreport.com’s offer
  • Through his method, James made a 6,000% return on a social media startup (Buddy Media) and a 3,000% gain on a startup called Ticketfly

Altucher is stepping forward for the first time in 20 years… and sharing a way for you to profit from the best ideas in the hedge fund and venture capital world, with an approach that’s helped him make over $10 million.  James is one of the most respected investment minds in America, regularly appearing on television shows on the CSNBC, MSNBC and Fox networks, and writing for TheStreet.com, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

Usually, the “1% Advisory” costs $2,500 for a single year subscription. Demand for this new letter has been immense in the 30 days since it was released.

James has used this newsletter to deliver a gain of over 120% on a $30 million hedge fund, and used it to share a list of favorite stocks which resulted in almost 40 different 100% (and more) gains

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