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ARL Class Action

Automatic renewal practices are the subject of the class action lawsuit against LifeLock claiming the firm violated California state law.  Class members of the ARL Class Action lawsuit are defined as customers who are ccurrent or former LifeLock members with a California billing address and paid one or more automatically renewed monthly or annual membership fees between the dates of Dec. 1, 2010 and July 24, 2015.  Class members content that LifeLock failed to make clear the terms associated with the automatic renewal offer.

ARL Class Action Notes and Quick Facts

  • The lawsuit was filed by Etan Goldman on a cold January day in 2015
  • A 2.5 million dollar settlement fund has been established
  • LifeLock denies any actions of wrong doing and contends their terms were understandable
  • Etan Goldman contends that the firm did NOT acquire his affirmative consent to the automatic renewal or continuous service offer terms
  • The current settlement amount any one member of the ARL Class Action case will receive is unknown at this time and will depend on how many people file a calim
  • The case is entitled Etan Goldman v. LifeLock Inc., and is case number 1-15-cv-276235
  • The lawsuit is pending in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Santa Clara
  • Luanne Sacks will represent the defendants aka LifeLock

Any questions about the ARL Class action lawsuit can be directed to 1-888-242-6443 or via US Mail at: P.O. Box 10183 Dublin, OH 43017-3183.

All class members who file elect to stay in the case will be represented by Julian Hammond from the law firm of HAMMONDLAW PC.  Hammond Law is headquartered at 1180 S Beverly Dr Ste 610 Los Angeles, CA 90035 and can be reached by phone by calling (310) 601-6766.  Please do not contact LifeLock with questions about the lawsuit as they will refer the caller to Ms. Julian Hammond.

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