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AT&T Sundae Matinee

  • With the ATT Sundae Matinee web site, customers can claim a promotional reward offer from AT&T
  • To claim the Sundae Matinee reward from AT&T, customers will need to have their account number, or be able to log in to their AT&T account
  • AT&T promotional rewards must be claimed within 30 days after new service has started, and then must be used 90 days after the date of their issue

When new customers sign up for AT&T Internet or television service under certain promotions, they will receive a free gift card from ATT.

Once customers have claimed their promo reward from AT&T, they can use the AT&T Reward Tracker web site to follow the status of their promotional reward, see how long it will be before it arrives, and see the amount of an AT&T reward.

AT&T Rewards are cash gift cards in most cases, but they can also be restaurant gift cards, of gift cards to a specific store. In an AT&T rewards card is cash, it will likely be a Visa branded one, meaning it’s taken anywhere Visa is accepted.

More Important Information To Know About AT&T

AT&T began in 1885, and is the 17th largest mobile telecom company in the world today. It’s actually the 6th most valuable brand in the world according to Forbes. The AT&T corporation is the second largest provider of mobile phone service, and the single largest provider of fixed line phone service in America today.

AT&T first started as Southwestern Bell Corporation, and then went through several other breakups and name changes (like Southern Bell and Bellsouth). AT&T has an annual revenue of over $146 billion.

To contact AT&T about a promotional reward offer

  • 1 (800) 288-2020
  • 208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202

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