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Audi Diesel Information

  • Use the Audi VIN look up tool to find out if a given vehicle is affected by the 2.0L TDI emissions issue

The Audi Diesel Information service is designed for registered owners or lessees of vehicles affected by the 2.0L TDI Emissions and will include a Goodwill Package for those who qualify.  In order to check in they are eligible for a Audi Goodwill package drivers must provide their VIN, or if the Audi customer has previously registered on the site they can enter the confirmation code received after their first visit.  Once the required information has been provided customers will receive a message informing them if they are eligible for the “Goodwill Package”… if so they will be asked to provide their information to the package can be shipped to them ASAP (PLEASE allow up to 4 weeks for the package to arrive).

What is included in the goodwill package associated with AudiDieselInformation.com?

  • $500 Audi Prepaid Visa Loyalty Card
  • $500 Audi Dealership Card which can be used at any participating Audi dealership
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance to your affected TDI vehicle for 3 years

To obtain the above the driver must also provide proof of ownership in the form of Vehicle registration • Title • Lease Agreement (any one of the three will be accepted and the driver does not have to provide all three).

Contrary to what some attorneys are saying affected customers eligible for the Goodwill Package are not required to waive their rights or release their claims against Audi of America in order to receive the Package (which means they can still file or join a class action lawsuit against Audi in the future).

Audi drivers who have any questions in regards to eligibility, registration, activation, and other Program Rules should dial toll-free 1-800-822-2834 to speak with a Audi Diesel Information specialist.

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