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Auto Pay Citi Cards

  • By using the Citicards auto pay web site, customers can sign up to have their Citi credit card payments made automatically
  • Customers who have not accessed their Citi account online for 18 months will need to register for a new ID online
  • Citi Auto pay can be taken off at any time, and a customer can choose to cancel just their next Citi Auto pay while still keeping Auto Pay on their Citi account

By using Citi auto pay, a customer’s credit card payment will be taken out on the due date every single month, making sure payment is received by Citi, and taking the burden off of the account holder. Once a Citi cardholder signs up for auto pay, their auto payment will be taken out of their account on the next due date. The biggest advantage of Citi credit card auto payments is that the  cardholder doesn’t have to worry about late fees any more each month.

Auto Pay Citi Cards Notes

  • Easy to use
  • Saves time and money
  • Until 2012, a Citi Auto Pay account always took out the same amount each month, regardless of whether the customer had made a payment during that time or not

Can Citi customers make another payment to their credit card account while on Auto Pay?

Any customer who has a Citi credit card can sign up for Auto pay on their account. Citi customers can choose to make one auto payment per every payment cycle, or two auto payments every payment cycle. Even while auto pay is on, a Citi customer can logon to make a payment. A Citi Auto Pay will only take out the minimum payment due, so any extra payment will lower the amount that Auto Pay takes out.

To contact Citi about setting up Auto Pay on a credit card account

  • 1 (888) 248-4226

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