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AutoZone Rewards

Register for the AutoZone rewards program which is ideal for consumers who frequently make purchases at this popular auto retail shop.  The main benefit of this popular gear head reward program is customers will earn a $20 Reward when they make 5 purchases of $20 or more.  In order to register for the AutoZone rewards program customers will need to pass the member identity verification process by providing a home address.  This address will be needed when making purchases and obtaining customer service assistance over the phone.

Auto Zone $20 Reward Program Notes

  • A $20 reward will be issued to your AutoZone Rewards card after earning 5 credits
  • Rewards will expire so spend them as soon as possible
  • Questions about the program can be directed to 1-800-741-9179
  • Program members can view how many AutoZone credits they have earned by checking the “My Rewards and Purchases” tab
  • If the card is lost or stolen AutoZone will not be held responsible for redeemed Rewards (customers should treat the card as if cash was on the card as that is essentially what the credits resort to)
  • Be sure to use the card on every purchase or the member will not be using the card to its max potential
  • Only the AutoZone rewards member can use the card (family members of the member ARE NOT allowed to use the card towards their purchase)
  • The customers status and rewards balance will be shown on the receipt once a purchase has been made
  • AutoZone store employees are allowed to answer questions about the reward program
  • Credits will be earned when making a purchase online at AutoZone but customers should allow up to 6 weeks for the credit to show up on their account

All retail customers are eligible for join the program BUT commercial accounts (any AutoZone employees) are banned from joining the Auto Zone $20 Reward Program at this time.

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