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Bloomingdale’s Loyallist 

Frequent shoppers at Bloomingdale’s will want to check out the rewards program that provides a $25 reward card (aka gift card that can be used at Bloomingdale’s) each time the member racks up 5000 points.  The Bloomingdale’s Loyallist is free to sign up for and a valid email address is required at the time of registration.  It should be noted that points associated with the Bloomingdale’s Loyallist program cannot be redeemed for cash AND double points will not be earned on shoe purchased when shopping at a Bloomingdale’s Outlet shop.

Bloomingdale’s Loyallist Rewards Program Notes

  • The reward program applies to any Bloomingdale’s store, online and at the outlets
  • All purchases using the Bloomingdale’s reward card will automatically accumulate points
  • Purchases made in cash or a credit card not related to the program will not accumulate points for the member unless the customer specifically tells the cashier they are a Loyallist program members so they can apply it to the purchase
  • Some items that do not count toward reward points include alterations, gift wrapping, customer service advice, salon services, and jewelry repair
  • Any questions about the Loyallist reward program can be directed to 1-800-600-5402
  • The Loyallist members account number can be located in the My Loyallist section of the customers profile
  • Only residents of the United States and Canada who are 18 years of age or older are eligible for the program

The following Bloomingdale’s credit cards are ASSOCIATED with the Loyallist program:

  • Bloomingdale’s American Express Card
  • Bloomingdale’s Store Card
  • Bloomingdale’s Reserve American Express Card (and just the “Reserve Card)

Members will earn the most points when using the Bloomingdale’s Reserve Card (or the AMEX version).  Customers using those cards will earn 4 points on a purchase compared to just one point when using cash, check, debit, or any type of payment that is not shown above.


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