www.bpdriverrewards.com – Link A Visa Card With BP Driver Rewards Account

BP Driver Rewards

Allows a BD Driver Rewards account holder to link their credit card (please note this must be a Visa card) with their current driver rewards account.  As a special thank you for linking the card BP will offer the driver an additional 50¢ off per gallon for every $100 spent on BP fuel at participating locations for fuel purchases made for 90 days.  Consumers who are not already a BP Driver Rewards member can sign up with a valid email and then go ahead and link their Visa credit card (the entire process should only take about 10 minutes).

BP Driver Rewards Account Facts

  • Rewards will expire exactly 365 days from the point that they were earned
  • The rewards cannot be combined with any other promotional offer from BP
  • All rewards are valid for a single use only, up to 20 gallons
  • Any questions that arise during the process of linking a Visa credit card with a BP Driver Rewards account can be directed to 1-877-852-3025

Customers are allowed to link up to 5 Visa credit cards to their BP rewards account but only the first one will receive the special bonus (aka 50¢ off per gallon for every $100 spent on BP fuel).  Please allow for up to 48 hours for the entire linking process to take place.

Driver Rewards commonly asked questions?

  • Is there a bothersome fee?  NO!  BP will never charge an annual fee or fee simply to open an account
  • While a mobile number be required at sign up?  Yes the BP Driver Rewards program will require the customer to provide their mobile (or home phone) number PLUS A EMAIL ADDRESS along with their state, and zip code
  • Why is a mobile number needed?  The account holders mobile number will be used for tracking purposes and earning rewards when purchasing fuel

Please note members living in the Jersey State (aka New Jersey) will not have the ability to enter their phone number at the pump.

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