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Breeze Card

  • Learn more information about the popular Breeze card which can be obtained at any Breeze Vending machines located in all 38 MARTA stations
  • The card is ideal for anyone who is a frequent MARTA Rider

Please note the Breeze Card can be reloaded at any Breeze Vending Machine, RideStore or bus fare box (when loading at a bus fare box the card can only be used for single fare purposes only).  The Breeze Card will cost $2 and the customer can check their balance at anytime via phone by calling 404-848-5000 (the balance can also be checked by selecting option D on a MARTA rail station at a Breeze Vending Machine).

Breeze Card Notes

  • To get transfer simply tap the Breeze Card on the round blue Breeze target
  • Customers who fail to tap the card will not be able to load transfer and subsequent travel may be affected negatively
  • Average delivery time for a new Breeze card purchase is 2-5 MARTA business days
  • Preloaded Breeze card do not require the customer to go through the bothersome tapping process
  • GRTA Xpress always defaults to Cash Value on a Breeze Card
  • Please allow up to 5 days for a Breeze Card to arrive if it was purchased online

How to add money to Breeze Card is one of the most common questions for consumers unfamiliar with the card… please follow these exact instructions to add value to any Breeze Card:

  At the Breeze Vending Machine

  1. Select “Reload Card” from the display menu.
  2. Tap your Breeze Card on the round, blue Breeze target.
  3. Select the value you would like to put on your card by pressing the button on the menu screen.
  4. Insert your payment into the slot – cash, coins or credit/debit card.
  5. Tap your Breeze Card on the blue target a second time to load the value onto your card.

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