www.burgerkingvoice.com – Take Burger King Employee Survey

Burger King Voice

  • Take part in the Burger King employee engagement survey
  • Open to Burger King employees only (McDonald employees need to find their own employee survey!)
  • Available in English and Spanish as there are a few Burger King employees who speak Spanish only

BurgerKingVoice.com is operated by InMoment and requires the Burger King restaurant number.  The Burger King restaurant number will either be 2 or 5 digits long based on the BK location (lackadaisical employees who are unsure of their Burger King location number should ask their manager or assistant manager).  All feedback provided by Burger King employees will be held confidential and will only be used to make Burger King more employee friendly (after all happy employees equal good workers).  www.burgerkingvoice.com will never be used to make decisions in regards to promotions and other BK employee awards.

www.BurgerKingVoice.com Notes

  • A must for BK employees looking to make their location a better place to work
  • Employees are NOT required to take the survey but are highly encouraged
  • Employees will not receive compenstion for taking part in the survey
  • Any questions in regards to the Burger King Voice survey can be directed to the employee manager or dial 1 (866) 394-2493

Burger King is a Miami based hamburger fast food restaurant with locations across the globe.  The company was orginally formed under the name InstaBurger King back in 1954 by David Edgerton and James McLamore.  Must try menu items include the Whopper, Mushroom & Swiss King, Double Whopper, Triple Whooper (this is an off menu item that has to be asked for), Extra Long Cheeseburger, and the Classic Grilled Dog (where available).  Burger King does offer delivery services in limited areas (think Domino’s pizza accept for burgers).  Burger King fan boys can check if BK delivery services are available in their are by providing their zip code.


  1. www.burgerkingvoice.com