www.capitalone.com/activate quicksilver – Activate Capital One Credit Card

Capital One Activate Quick Silver

  • Activate a new Capital One credit card online
  • Also allows for debit card activation services as long as the card is from Capital One

The Capital One Activate service is free to use and required the customer to provide a valid email address.  Both consumers in the United States and Canada are allowed to use this activation service from Capital One (please note people living in Mexico are not able to activate a Capital One credit card via capitalone.com/activate quicksilver at this time).

What is needed in order to enroll?

  • The Capital One members account number
  • Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) (99% of member should simply use their SSN #)
  • A valid e-mail address (i.e. Gmail, Outlook)
  • A copy of the most recently issued credit card, to view the 3-digit security code on the back

Those looking to activate a debit card issued by Capital One should visit banking.capitalone.com/activate and have their account information on hand.

Any questions in regards to the ACTIVATION process can be directed to a Capital One credit card agent at 1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825).

A list of other number associated with Capital One:

  • 800-219-7931 for initial deposits on a secured credit card
  • 866-750-0873 online banking support with Capital One
  • 800-867-0904 small business card issues
  • 888-817-2970 opt out of marketing communications
  • 800-228-3001 Capital One reward center questions

Anyone looking to dispute a charge associated with a Capital One credit card should write to: Capital One, PO Box 30279, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0279 or they can fax supporting documents to 888-435-4217.  On average it will take a few weeks to resolve a dispute but in extreme cases it may take as many as 90 days (aka to complete billing cycles).

Once the customer has completed the Capital One Activation process they will be able to check the status of a payment, make a payment, review recent purchases, and print old statements.

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