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Capital One Apply GM Card

  • Apply for the BuyPower credit card with the 10 digit invitation number received via US Mail
  • Almost all applicants who received the offer via US mail should be approved almost instantly as they have been pre screened

The Capital One Apply GM Card credit card application will take less than 2 minutes to complete.  The issuer of the credit card is listed as Capital One, N.A. and the reward program is administered through General Motors.  The BuyPower card is ideal for anyone looking to purchase or lease a General Motors vehicle in the next year or two as it will earn them reward points that can be used to take money of the purchase price of the new auto.

Capital One

  • Virginia based financial service firm
  • Caters to consumers seeking credit cards and loans (i.e. home or auto)
  • Has around 1000 Capital One Bank Branches

Capital One was founded on July 27, 1994  by financial businessman Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris.  The Capital One Financial Corporate office is headquartered at 1680 Capital One Drive McLean, VA 22102 and can be reached by phone by calling 703-720-1000.

Popular credit cards (their bread and butter) issued by Capital One include the Quicksilver and Quicksilver One (both cash back cards), Venture One (a high-end travel rewards card). and the Spark Business credit card (designed for business of all sizes).

Any questions about the Capital One Apply GM Card application can be directed to 1-877-277-0948, 6:00am to 5:00pm PT, Monday til Friday.

General Motors Company

  • Detroit based automotive firm
  • Founded on September 16, 1908 General Motors Corporation (renamed the General Motors Company in 2009)
  • Operates in about 40 countries with revenues over 150 billion US Dollars

General Motors is based at 300 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48265 and can be reached by phone by calling 313-556-5000.  The most popular autos produced by the firm include the Corvette, CTS-V, Camaro, and the Denali.

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