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Capital One Credit Tracker

  • Check out the free credit tracker program from Capital One
  • The Credit Tracker is 100% free to all Capital One card holders

The Capital One Credit Tracker tool provides customers with credit alerts (when a customer’s credit rating, history has been changed or updated), grade overviews, a credit simulator (learn how certain actions may help or harm a credit score).  Members are allowed to use the Capital One Credit Tracker tool as often as they like as it will not harm their credit score.

Capital One Credit Tracker Notes

  • The alerts used by the tool are from TransUnion report changes
  • Report changes may include credit inquiries, delinquent accounts, or change of address
  • Grades will be based upon credit score, how often the customer makes on-time payments, and the customer’s credit limit (the higher the limit the better)
  • The Capital One Credit Tracker tool is for educational purposes only and will NEVER be used for credit or lending decisions
  • The score will be updated once a month (aka every 30 days) starting on the users first visit
  • Credit scores are based on the new and improved TransUnion New Account Model

The Capital One Credit Tracker tool will also remind the customer to update public records, address, or employment information with TransUnion in order to keep everything up to date and in good standing.  Other things to keep in mind when using the tool:

  • This is not the customers actual score but just an estimate
  • Credit Tracker can only evaluate the account information that appears on your TransUnion credit report.
  • Any issues with TransUnion can be directed to their toll-free customer service hotline at 877-322-8228

Please note Capital One Spark or partner cardholders are NOT allowed access to the credit tracker at this time.

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