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Cerulean Card Info

Access a Continental Finance CardInfo account online with a username and password OR register for the service for free.  In order to register the card holder must have the 16 digit credit card number on hand plus a valid email address.  Once the Cerulean Card Info member has registered they can view a account balance and recent transactions, make payments, and sign up for eStatements which help reduce paper consumption.

Any questions about the card or account can be directed to a Continental Finance Credit Card customer care agent at 1-866-449-4514.  Cardholders who need to fax documents to Continental finance can do so via 1-302-454-7952 (please DO NOT include the customers Cerulean Card Info account number on any pages when faxing a document BUT include the customers full name and address).

Continental Finance

  • Servicers of credit cards for poor people who have less than perfect credit
  • Founded in 2005
  • Has managed more than 2 million card account since inception

Continental Finance reports to the BIG THREE (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) on a monthly basis and prides themselves on excellent customer service.  Popular card issued by Continental include the following cards:  Surge, Simply Gold, Matrix (not the movie), Verve, and the Cerulean Card.  All of these cards are designed to help consumers with poor credit ratings improve their score BUT they come with hefty fees (which is expected when marketing to consumers with bad credit).  New customers who apply for a card issued by Continental can expect the card to arrive via US mail within 3 business days (assuming the customer is approved).  Upon approval MOST customers are given a credit limit of $500 (which can be increased over time assuming the card holder makes on time payments and does not fall into default).  To activate a Cerulean Card please dial the number found on the sticker at the time of arrival.

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