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Change To America 1

  • Bill Bonner is famous for correctly predicting major world shocks, and his firm shows another one hitting the USA soon
  • Analytics have shown that Bonner’s firm reaches more people than the New York Time and the Wall Street journal (estimated to be over 2 million people reached), and the FBI and CIA have actually reached out to him for information and research help
  • The USA has hit the point of no return, and this impending collapse is unavoidable, according to Bonner

A research firm in Baltimore correctly predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, the Japanese stock market crash, the rise of Muslim terrorism,  the dot-com bubble burst, and the 2008 financial and housing meltdown. These analysts include the former head of the BBC and an Oxford scholar.

Change To America 1 Notes

  • This firm is projecting a sixth to hit America at any time and that it could be the greatest “shock” yet
  • This shock will begin with simple things like a credit card not working in an ATM, and will quickly lead to a paralyzing situation where every electronic based financial institution will come screeching to a halt
  • The web site “Change to America” shows visitors how the US government is trying to restrict citizens access to cash, and what people can do to prepare for this collapse

How to Get More Information About The Upcoming Collapse

People who decide they want to prepare for the big changes on the way can request more information in the form of subscribing to Bill Bonner’s newsletter. New subscribers will receive several of Bill’s books, both in digital and printed form, and will receive access to his monthly newsletter that has all of the latest information.

What to Know About Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner is the head of a company called Agora Inc., which is the owner of the largest network of independent news and research publishers in the United States.

Their news can’t be found on television or in a newspaper, but they keep a low profile by only distributing their information to their subscribers. Please call 800-681-1765 with any questions in regards to the Change To America 1 promotional newsletter offer.

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