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Chase FCRA Settlement

  • Obtain more details (including the claim form) in the class action lawsuit entitled “Duncan v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., W.D. Tex. ” which includes JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and Chase Bank USA, N.A.

Class members claim that Chase bank violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and have earned themselves a nice little $8.75 million Settlement (even though Chase denies any liability or wrongdoing).  The lawsuit is in the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas and the honorable Chief Judge Fred Biery will oversee the proceedings.  Claims can be submitted online or via US mail (if submitting a claim by mail please send it to: Chase FCRA Settlement Claims Administrator, P.O. Box 43389, Providence, RI 02940-3389).

Duncan v. JPMorgan Chase Bank Class Action Highlights

  • All claim forms are due no later than March 23, 2016
  • In order to receive a piece of the 8.75 million dollar settlement pie a class member MUST file a claim (if for whatever reason the claim form is not filled out correctly or is not complete the Settlement Administrator will notify the class member and the member will have a chance to make a correction)
  • Class members will be represented by attorneys Benjamin R. Bingham, H. Anthony Hervol, Darby Riley and Charles Riley
  • Class members do not have to pay their lawyers as they plan on requesting no more than 33.33% of the total settlement

Who is considered a class member in the Duncan v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., W.D. Tex. lawsuit?  To qualify as a class member the person must have been a borrower or guarantor on a Chase account or Chase-serviced account PLUS had their credit information accessed by Chase between the dates of October 16, 2009 through October 16, 2014.

Any questions about the Chase FCRA settlement can be directed to 1-888-736-2826 (by phone) or those looking to contact the class administrator via email should send it to: Admin@ChaseFCRASettlement.com.

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