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The Bill Bonner Letter is an investment advisory letter that cost $39 (with a 90-day – 3-month – FULL REFUND GUARANTEE) and comes with five special intelligence reports.  Here is an excerpt from the Crashing Banks web page:

“I call it The Bill Bonner Letter. It’s not an investing service, although I will occasionally cue my readers in to an actionable tip if I think it’s worthwhile…

It’s definitely not a trading service or a self-help guide. I don’t even get paid for doing it. That’s because for me, The Bill Bonner Letter is a personal project.” – crashingbanks.com

Along with the letter subscribers will also receive a book called “Hormegeddon How Too Much Of A Good Thing Leads To Disaster” which is written by Bill.  The book essentially talks about how to much economics and business can lead to disaster and Bill draws on world events in the past such as WW II, Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, and the Great recession.

Any questions about the Crashing Bank promotional offer can be directed to 1-800-681-1765.  All major credit cards are accepted but debit cards are not allowed when making a purchase.

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