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Credible BH

  • Allows access to Behavioral Health Software with a username, password, and domain name

Credible is committed to improving the quality of care and lives in behavioral health for clients, families, providers, and management.

  • The firm was founded by Mr. Matthew M. Dorman after he loss his sister to a behavioral health issue
  • Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland
  • Email address is as follows: info@credibleinc.com
  • Founded in the year 2000
  • Provides solutions for adults, children, and crisis based care
  • Credible provides clinical, scheduling, billing, form management, eRx, eLabs, mobile/field, reporting and business intelligence modules

The Credible Corporate Office can be reached at 301-652-9500 or by mail: 7529 Standish Place, 2nd Floor, Suite 270, Rockville, MD 20855.  People looking to fax documents to Credible should send them to: 240-744-3086.

Credible will work with an agency regardless of size… some of the smallest agencies that Credible works with only has 20 or 30 employees while some of the largest have more than 1000 working stiffs.

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