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Debt Collection Settlement

  • Obtain more information about robocalls using a third-party debt collector that used robocalls to collect debts from customers
  • John Lofton (the lead plantiff) claims Verizon violated both federal and state laws (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)
  • The third party debt collection agency that Verizon used to collected debts was Collecto Inc.

The class members in the Debt Collection Settlement lawsuit also contend that Verizon violated California privacy law as Collecto Inc. failed to inform customers that the debt calls were being recorded.  Verizon attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed back in December 2013 but was denied by a federal judge.  There are two type of class members in the Debt Collection Settlement:

  1. TCPA Class 
  2. IPA Class

The TCPA class includes anyone who received a Verizon debt collection call from Collecto Inc. since June 14, 2008.  The IPA class includes “California residents who received a call on their cellphones from Collecto in its capacity as a third-party vendor engaged by Verizon to collect Pre-Writeoff Debts, where the call was answered by the recipient between Sept. 10, 2010 to the present date“.

Debt Collection Settlement Notes

  • A 4 million dollar settlement pot has been created to cover class member settlements
  • Each class member should receive at minimum a $100 settlement
  • All claim forms in the case are due by 05/04/2016
  • This is class action lawsuit number No. 13-cv-05665 and is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
  • The case is officially titled Lofton v. Verizon Wireless (VAW) LLC,
  • Attorneys Suzanne L. Havens Beckman and David Christopher Parisi will represent all class members who file VALID claims

All claim forms in the Verizon TCPA Debt Settlement case can be filed online or mailed to: Verizon Settlement Administrator c/o A.B. DATA, LTD. P.O. Box 170500 Milwaukee, WI 53217.

Questions about the Verizon Wireless TCPA Class Action Settlement?  Please dial 866-540-4949 or email info@DebtCollectionSettlement.com.

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