www.directv.com/notmyaccount – Submit An Identity Theft Claim

DirecTV Not My Account

  • File a Identity Theft claim online with DirecTV

The claim process should take about 5 minutes to complete and the customer will need to provide their name, DIRECTV account number, phone number, address, SSN, if they have previously been a DIRECTV subscriber, and how they wish to be contacted by mail, phone, or email.

Optional information that can be submitted via the DIRECTV Not My Account claim?

  • Collections notice
  • Credit report history (this can be from Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)
  • Identity theft affidavit
  • Police report

If submitting a police report please include the officers name who took the report along with the jurisdiction and date of report.  Customers will also be asked to provide a short explanation of the issue that caused them to file a DIRECTV Not My Account claim online.  Please note be as thorough as possible when providing documentation of the incident as missing information can lead to a delay in processing the customers request.

More Notes

  • Any questions about the theft claim process can be directed to a DIRECTV agent at 1-800-531-5000
  • Online DIRECTV chat service is available from 6 am to Midnight CT
  • By opening a claim the customer provides DIRECTV consent to view their credit history


  • El Segundo based broadcast satellite television provider
  • Founded in 1985 under the name Hughes Electronics Corporation (did not become DIRECTV until 1990)
  • Services the United States, Latin America and parts of the Caribbean

DIRECTV is owned and operated by AT&T as of 2015.  The firm employs more than 27,000 people and the DIRECT corporate office is headquartered at 2230 E. Imperial Highway El Segundo, California.  The firm provides high quality local television stations, broadcast television networks, subscription television services, satellite radio services, and private video services to customers (most of which are based in the United States).  DIRECTV competes with DISH Network and heavy hitters in the cable television industry to include Charter and Comcast.

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