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Discover Bank Cash Back Checking

Open a checking account with Discover Bank online in order to earn some pretty sweet rewards.  By opening an account online customers will earn 10¢ on up to 100 transactions per month which can be redeemed for cash back into the customer checking account.  Any questions about the Discover Bank Cash Back Checking offer can be directed to a customer care agent at 800-347-7000.

Quick and dirty notes in regards to the Discover Bank checking account offer

  • Must be a legal US citizen and 18 years of age or older
  • Rewards are counted on ALL Debit Purchases, Checks Cleared and Online Bill Payments
  • Choose from over 60,000 ATM’s within the Discover Bank network at no charge
  • No balance or activity requirements like some banks (i.e. Chase, Citi, BOA)
  • Outgoing wire transfer charge = $30
  • Deposited item return charge = $15
  • Stop payment charge = $15
  • A social security number is required upon sign up but a tax ID number can be used instead
  • Signing up for Overdraft Protection is optional but should be used by people who have a difficult time keep track of their finances

What people are saying about the offer? “Username: Connor from WisconsinLocation: Madison, WI…. I’ve been a Discover Cashback Checking member for about 6 months now. All I can say is the convenience of the wide free-of-charge ATM network, combined with getting cash back on my purchases makes me never want to step inside of a physical bank ever again.”

Discover Bank

  • Part of the Discover Financial Service firm
  • Offers checking and savings account online
  • Competes with Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, and Citi

Any general questions in regards to the Discover Bank can be directed to: Discover Bank, PO Box 30416, Salt Lake City, UT 84130 or via telephone at 1-800-290-9885 (13023237810 outside the US).  Besides checking account services Discover Bank also offers CD & IRA accounts, Money Market Accounts and lines of credit to those who qualify.


  1. www.discoverbank.com/cashbackchecking