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Dollar Disaster 4

  • Bill Bonner’s research firm has correctly predicted the last five major financial downfalls in the world, and predicts that a sixth is coming soon (learn more at Dollar Disaster 4)

Bill Bonner has correctly predicted 5 major world shocks since 1979: the Fall of Soviet Union, the rise of Muslim terrorism, the collapse of the Japanese stock market, the 2000 dot com bust, and the 2008 financial crisis.

  • Learn how to create a “bolthole” and go off the grid without leaving family
  • Find out about a business with a return of almost 250% annually

Mr. Bonner is offering a guide that will help users prepare for this crisis. Here’s what’s included in Bill’s guide:

  • A guide to “The Crisis Money Guide” which tells users what really becomes valuable in a crisis. Readers discover wealth they never knew they had
  •  A report about “How to Get Your Own Bolthole on the Cheap” which explains how to get your own hideaway to go  “off the grid” without leaving family and friends behind.
  • “The Best Business in the Worst of Times” report that gives insight to a business that can earn an annualized 250%
  • A report called “The Smartest Move You Can Make in the Age of Dying Credit” which explains what to do for users thinking of moving when they retire or buying another home
  • An e-edition of Bill’s last book, Hormegeddo, which shows that the credit system today has many striking similarities to other large-scale disasters in history
  • A full, 12 month all access subscription to The Bill Bonner Letter, an ongoing investigation into finance, the economy, and world affairs

Any questions about the Dollar Disaster 4 offer can be directed to 1-800-681-1765.

Bill Bonner’s guide has a price of $39, which is fully refundable to anyone who decides that the information just isn’t useful. Purchases have 90 days to try The Bill Bonner Letter at no risk. After one year, the subscription automatically renews at a $79 rate.

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