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Dollar General Careers

  • Visit the Dollar General jobs site to search available jobs at both Dollar General corporate offices and individual Dollar General retail stores
  • The Dollar General employment website has a search tool that lets users find the closest store location to them

Every employment opportunity that is available in a Dollar General store or at the corporate offices of Dollar General is posted on an online portal. The assessment test to work at Dollar General isn’t compatible with a cell phone or tablet, and must be taken from a PC. The assessment test for a Dollar General job must be taken for each position that is applied for. If an applicant applies for the same job at multiple locations, it’s not necessary to take the assessment again.

Dollar General Career Notes

  • Job applicants for a job at Dollar General are required to apply online. Applications are not accepted in store
  • If someone applying for a job with Dollar General doesn’t have a computer it’s recommended to apply with a computer at a public library or a state employment office
  • Sadly applicants must be at least 16 years old to apply for a job with Dollar General

Once the assessment is done, the applicant will receive an e-mail conformation that their application has been received. An application with Dollar General expires after 45 days. Applicants are encouraged to re-apply if they don’t hear anything after 45 days.

More about Dollar General

Dollar General is a variety store that was founded in 1939, and operates in 40 US states. Dollar General has corporate headquarters in Tennessee. Especially in recent years, Dollar General has focused on building their stores in locations that don’t have another general merchandise retailer nearby. Dollar General has over 12,000 stores across the United States, and has been called one of the fastest growing American companies.

To contact Dollar General corporate:

  • 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN 37072
  • (615) 855-4000 (please do not contact this number avout Dollar General Careers)

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