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Double Your Line Acceptance

  • Dial up a Double Your Line Visa Credit Card when making 7 months of on time payments with Merrick Bank

Please note if the customer makes even one late payment during the first 7 months the Double Your Line acceptance promotion will not be offered.  In order to accept the offer the customer will need to provide their last name (the name associated with the Merrick Bank account) and the Acceptance Certificate Number which will be 12 numbers in length.

Double Your Line Visa Credit Card Highlights

  • Provides a free FICO score every month to cardholders
  • The member will enjoy Online and Mobile Account Access for FREE
  • The card comes with $0 Fraud Liability Protection
  • Cardholders who continue to make repeated on time payments will become eligible for a credit line increase (which will help improve their credit score if approved)

Who or what is Merrick Bank?

  • US-based bank with more than 1,500,000 customers
  • Headquartered in the state of Utah
  • Makes a good majority of their income from personal loans and Visa credit card offers to customers with less than perfect credit

Merrick Bank was founded in 1997 and is FDIC insured.  Merrick Bank proudly serves over 1,500,000 cardholders to whom it has loaned over $2 billion and they specialize in giving people with poor credit a chance to make a comeback through easy to understand credit programs that assist people with bad credit in rebuilding their credit rating.

All Acceptance Certificates are reviewed by Merrick and MUST meet the pre-selected credit criteria (those who fail to meet any of the criteria will be denied).  All applicants who apply for a credit card (or loan) with Merrick will receive a letter within 3 weeks letting them know if they were approved or denied.

Any questions about a Merrick Bank card or the status of an application can be directed to a Double Your Line Acceptance customer care agent at (800) 328-9155.

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