www.energyselectportal.gulfpower.com – Access Energy Account Online

Energy Select Portal Gulf Power

  • Access a Gulf Power energy account online
  • Requires a login ID and password
  • Free to use for all customers

Those who misplace their password will have to provide their email address associated with their energyselectportal.gulfpower.com account and a new password will be emailed with new credentials.  Those who are no longer being service by Gulf Power Energy (i.e. moved to a new state) can call 1 (800) 225-5797 to have their name taken of the account in question.  Current account questions can be directed to 1-877-655-4001, or by email at
energyexpert@gulfpower.com.  Those looking to report a power outage associated with a Gulf Power service area need to dial 1-800-487-6937.  Customers looking to make a payment by mail can send it to: Gulf Power Company, P.O. Box 830660, Birmingham, Alabama 35283-0660… please include the customers account number and address on the check.  Finicky customer who do not want to mail a payment have a few other options.  They can always visit a Gulf Power location in person and pay with cash, checks or money order OR Pay online now with bank, credit or debit card.

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EnergySelectPortal.GulfPower.com Notes

  1. A must for all Gulf Power FAN BOYS
  2. Easy to use and FREE
  3. Payments can be made online using any major credit card (i.e. American Express, Visa, Discover, Mastercard)
  4. Gulf Power reserves the right to modify the terms of their online bill pay service at anytime

Thirfty customers will want to enroll in the Energy Select program as they will pay a lower price for their electricity by around 87% according to the Gulf Power website.  Most customers will end up paying the standard rate which is a flat rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy and fuel used.


  1. www.energyselectportal.gulfpower.com