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ePass CFXWay

  • Pay costly toll with the Central Florida Expressway Authority using the ePass system
  • Drivers who use the ePass pay service can expect to save a boat load in cash as they will pay less on most tolls than those drivers who pay with cash money

The ePass CFXWay service is a prepaid account which will provide the customer with a small electronic sticker transponder that shall be attached to the inside front windshield on the drivers car.  Each time the driver passes through a Central Florida Expressway Authority toll a antenna at the toll plaza reads the vehicle and account information… then the drivers toll amount is automatically debited from their ePass CFXWay account (a record of all tolls paid will be available online in a monthly format).

ePass CFXWay Notes

  • Ideal for anyone using the Central Florida Expressway Authority tolls frequently
  • The more transponders a driver has on an ePass account the greater the savings
  • Drivers will also save when using other toll roads on Florida… approximately 25% or more at most toll plazas according to the Central Florida Expressway Authority
  • E-PASS allows drivers to pay through the toll at normal highway speeds rather than waiting in a slow line like a clown
  • Drivers can use their E-PASS transponder for paying to park at the Orlando International Airport
  • Service centers are open from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM weekdays and 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM on Saturdays
  • A $10 minimum is required when opening a ePass CFXWay account for the first time

Those looking to apply for an ePass transponder via phone can dial 407-823-7277 or visit any of the EPASS service centers in person: 8919 West Colonial Drive, Ocoee, FL 34761 or 762 South Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL, 32822.  Please note all transponders should be installed in the front windshield behind the rear view mirror in order or them to function properly.

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