www.espn.com/renewtm – Renew and Claim Free Gift


  • Renew ESPN The Magazine online
  • Comes with a free gift
  • Will take less than one minute to renew

To start the redemption process please enter the ESPN.com/renewtm Claim Code exactly as it appears on the customers renewal notice.  Each claim code can only be used once and any attempt to use a claim code more than once will result in the process becoming void.  ESPN fan boys who do not have a valid account number and would like to subscribe, click here.  Please allow up to 7 weeks for the free gift to arrive.  The free gift will most likely be a low-end gym bag with the word ESPN on it.

www.ESPN.com/RenewTM Instructions

  1. Be a ESPN fan boy
  2. Find a location with Internet access (think library or home office)
  3. Navigate to the redemption URL
  4. Enter the requires information (i.e. the special offer claim code)
  5. Provide customers information (name, address etc)
  6. Wait 7 weeks (or less) for the gift to arrive

ESPN The Mag Notes

  • A must for NFL and NBA fan boys
  • First issued was mailed on March 11th, 1998
  • Based in Bristol, Connecticut
  • NHL and MLB fans will want to check out Sports Illustrated
  • Was created to rival SI
  • ESPN the Mag does not offer a Swimsuit edition but does offer a body issue
  • The ESPN the Mag body issue features professional sports stars nude
  • Trends towards a light-hearted and humorous approach to sports
  • Owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company

Any questions in regards to ESPN.com/RenewTM promotion can be directed to the ESPN corporate office at 125 West End Avenue 6th Floor New York, NY 10023 or by phone 646-699-6800.  Those interested in reaching out to the ESPN Studio can contact 800-919-ESPN (3776).  ESPN specializes in the coverage of the NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, and NCAA Basketball.


  1. www.espn.com/renewtm
  2. twitter.com/espn
  3. www.espn.com/Contact