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  • With the Pennsylvania E-tides web site, individuals, businesses, and tax professionals in Pennsylvania can do a number of requests (like filing returns and reports, viewing PA tax filing history, making PA tax payments, register a new businesses for tax purposes and filing Pennsylvania tax appeals) all electronically
  • If PA taxpayers attempt to log on to the E-tides system 5 or more times with an incorrect password, the PA E-tides account will be locked and will require an e-mail to open again

The Pennsylvania E-tides program now gives business taxpayers and tax practitioners in Pennsylvania the chance to electronically request a detailed version of their tax statements in PDF format through the new Document Center section. This can be requested at any time and will be available in the document center for PA taxpayers to print or download within 24 hours.

eTides States PA US Notes

  • When taxpayers use the Pennsylvania E-tides tax system to make a payment, that payment will be applied by the end of the business day (as long as payment is made by 5 p.m. Eastern time)
  • PA tax payment made after 5 p.m. will be credited the next day
  • If a PA sales tax return is amended, there will be a discount or $25 or 1 percent of the tax collected when the online e-tides system is used

Can A Payment Made Through PA E-Tides Tax System Be Canceled?

If the Pennsylvania E-tides system shows a payment as “processed” or “submitted,” the payment can’t be changed because it’s in the process of being debited from a bank account. Pennsylvania tax payments that show as “complete” can be refunded or allocated to another account by calling the PA Department of Revenue.

To contact the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue:

  • 1-888-PATAXES
  • PA Department Of Revenue Bureau Of Individual Taxes, PO Box 280502, Harrisburg, PA 17128-0502

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