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Express Toll Pay Bill

  • Pay a bothersome toll associated with driving on the popular E-470, CDOT’s Express Lanes and the Northwest Parkway in the state of Colorado
  • The service is operated by the E-470 Public Highway Authority which can be reached at 303-537-3470 or toll-free 888-946-3470

The Express Toll Pay Bill service allows drivers to make a payment online using the following options: ExpressToll or License Plate Toll Sign-In, Pay Tolls Without Statement, Pay License Plate Toll Statement, Notice of Violation, and/or Hearing Officer’s Final Order, or create an account with a valid email address… drivers who plan on using the E-470, CDOT’s Express Lanes or the Northwest Parkway in the state of Colorado on a regular basis should just go ahead and create an Express Toll Pay Bill account.

Express Toll Pay Bill Notes

  • Drivers without an ExpressToll account are mailed a License Plate Toll statement for E-470 and the Express Lane tolls and a GO-PASS statement for the Northwest Parkway tolls
  • Drivers who are using a rental vehicle should add it to their account (all they need to do is add the rental license plate number)
  • Trailers, boats, and campers MUST be added to an Express Toll account
  • Signing up for an Express Toll online account is fee and the driver will never be charged an annual fee for using the service
  • There is not a limit to the amount of autos a driver can add to one account
  • Upon sign up the driver WILL be required to dd $35 in prepaid tolls to their ExpressToll account

Any questions about the sign up/registration process should be directed to the ExpressToll Service Center at 303-537-3470.  When establishing an Expresstoll account online, the “Vehicles” section will allow the driver to add a vehicle with a temporary license plate number.

Why sign up for Express Toll Pay Bill services?

  • Saves time (and time is money)
  • Drivers will have peace of mind knowing they are paying the lowest toll rates on all Colorado tolling facilities
  • Obtain local promotions and discounts through the ExpressToll Rewards program

For those people who ride motorcycle… yes… Express Toll will allow them to be added to an account and motorcycles are considered a two-axle vehicle.

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