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Extended Health IBM

  • Retirees from IBM who have their Medicare services through their former employer can manage their extended health services account through the IBM online healthcare portal
  • The IBM healthcare online site is only available to current or past IBM employees, and anyone who attempts to use this site outside of those conditions may be punished by the law
  • People who have applied for IBM after retirement healthcare benefits can use the “benefits tracker” link to review the status of their insurance application

With the IBM Extend Healthcare Services web site, employees who work for IBM and have healthcare benefits through the company can shop for and compare different medical plans that are available. Retirees can also manage healthcare reimbursement requests through this link as well, where they’ll have a link to provide medical documents they’ve been asked to pay.

OneExchange is the trusted advisor for hundreds of thousands of retirees, and employees who have retired from IBM can choose the medical and prescription plan that fits their medical needs and budget.

How long does it take to enroll in IBM Extended Health Services?

Retirees will enroll for their IBM health services over the phone with an OneExchange benefit advisor, and it’s recommended that employees set aside at least one hour per person to complete their enrollment. Each time IBM retirees call, they will be asked to verify some personal information just as a security measure to prevent others from fraudulently gaining access to their account. The longest part of the enrollment process is when retirees have to listen to a legal disclaimer being read.

To contact IBM about retiree healthcare services

  • 1-855-359-7380

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