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Family Circle My Account

  • Subscribers who get Family Circle magazine can use the “Family Circle Account Service” web site to manage their magazine subscription
  • To log in to a Family Circle account online, subscribers will need to have their account number, which they can find on their magazine label just above their address
  • The Family Circle online site can also be used to make a payment (much faster and secure than mailing in a payment) towards a Family Circle subscription to keep magazines coming without an interruption

Once Family Circle subscribers are in their account, they can change the address their magazine is sent to, check to see how many more Family Circle magazines they’ll be receiving on their subscription, and even pause their subscription temporarily if they’re going out of town for a long time.

Customers who are not yet subscribers of Family Circle can use the Account Service site to sign up for a new Family Circle subscription at the current market rate or to give a Family Circle subscription gift to someone else. Payments made online for a Family Circle magazine subscription will be applied to that customer’s account within 48 hours of payment being made.

More About Family Circle Magazine

Family Circle (published 15 times every year) is an American magazine that focuses on the home. Family Circle first published in 1932, and at that time was only distributed to Safeway and Piggly Wiggly grocery stores. Today, Family Circle is published by the Meredith Corporation and has a circulation of almost 4 million people.

  • Family Circle is well known for starting the social network Momster.com, which is a network for moms of tweens and teenagers
  • Is one of the “Seven Sisters” of women’s magazines (others include McCalls, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens, and Redbook)
  • To contact Family Circle about a magazine subscription 1-800-627-4444 or email fcfeedback@familycircle.com

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