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FD TCPA Settlement

  • A class action lawsuit has been filed against Family Dollar in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri Eastern Division
  • The lawsuit is entitled Reginald Moore v. Family Dollar Stores, Inc., and is case number 4:14-CV-01542-JAR on the docket
  • All claims are due by June 3, 2016 (class members MUST file a claim in order to obtain any settlement benefits)

The FD TCPA settlement revolves around claims that Family Dollar sent unauthorized promotional text messages to consumers between the dates of October 16, 2013 to March 7, 2016.  The lawsuit states that Family Dollar violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending these annoying text messages as they did not obtain the consumers consent to send/receive these text messages.  The FD TCPA settlement fund has been set at One Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars and the one way to get a slice of this million dollar settlement fund is to file a claim online or via US mail.

FD TCPA Settlement Notes

  • It is estimated that each class member who files a timely claim will receive a $45 cash payment and a Family Dollar gift card for $30
  • The Family Dollar gift card can be used at any Family Dollar retail location in the United States
  • The settlement payouts may be higher depending on how many people file claims (a maximum of $300 and a Family Dollar gift card of $200)
  • A settlement fairness hearing will be held on June 22, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. to determine of the previous mentioned settlement is fair and reasonable
  • Please allow up to 45 days for the settlement package to arrive by US mail after the settlement has been approved and/or after any appeals have been resolved

All class members in the FD TCPA Settlement case will be represented by David T. Butsch from the law firm of Butsch Roberts & Associates LLC.


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