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First Premier Credit Card

  • Apply for a credit card with First Premier Bank or browse other financial products they offer

The application process for customers who have not been pre-approved (aka received a mailing offer) may take up to 10 business days to be reviewed.  Other services offered by the First Premier Bank include:

  • Personal banking options such as checking, savings and debit cards
  • Three different types of saving accounts (regular, money market, super money market savings)
  • Loans & Lines of Credit (offers a nice fixed interest rate and multiple term options)

All customers who opt for opening a checking account with First Premier will receive FREE Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Bill Pay.  They will also receive a nice little Debit MasterCard which is linked to their checking account and can be used at more than 24,000 ATM’s without A FEE (all checking account from First Premier have the option to add Apple Pay).

Please note the minimum balance for opening a saving account with the First Premier Bank is as follows:

  • Regular standard checking = $50 min
  • Money Market Savings = $500 min
  • SUPER Money Market Savings = $25,000 min

Customers who open a savings account should note that they are generally limited to six withdraws per month (If the monthly withdrawal limit is exceeded, a fee of $1 for each excess withdrawal will be assessed).  Customers who have their First Premier Bank Card stolen or simply misplace it should call 605-357-3002 or 800-501-6535 ASAP.

Online Banking with First Premier will always be FREE and ALL debit card transactions and ATM activity will reflect as a pending transaction near real-time within online banking services.

Need to find First Premier Bank associated with a First Premier Credit Card?  Please check the find a location tool.

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