Fortiva Credit Card

  • Enter the offer code to apply for the card
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • The Fortiva Credit Card offer code will be 14 digits long
  • Please visit to apply

Accept a pre-approved credit card offer from Fortiva online with the acceptance code that was provided in the mailing offer.

Please note all All Fortiva credit cards are issued by Mid America Bank and Trust Company who are a trusted FDIC member bank.

Applicants who do hot have an acceptance code or did not receive a mailing offer can still apply but acceptance will not be guaranteed.

Fortiva Credit Card

  • Accepted anywhere the MasterCard logo is found
  • The Acceptance Code can be found on the front of the credit card mailing letter
  • Once the applicant has submitted the Acceptance Certificate Fortiva will verify the applicants eligibility
  • During the process the applicant will need to provide their Social Security Number (or Tax Identification Number), and annual income from all sources
  • Most applications should be approved or denied within 60 seconds or less BUT some may take up to 10 days
  • Co-applicant acceptance is not available at this time
  • Annual income should include all shared income, personal income, and optional income such as alimony, child support, or separate maintenance
  • Once approved Fortiva credit cards should arrive within 3 weeks
  • If the card does not show up via US mail in three weeks please call 1-877-785-7908 ASAP
  • When the card has been received please call the toll-free number found on the Fortiva card to activate it
  • Once activated it is highly recommended that customers enroll in the Automatic Payment Plan program in order to ensure all payments are made on time
  • Customers are allowed to pick the date to make a monthly payment Contact Information

  • Email Fortiva
  • Mail: Fortiva P.O. Box 105555 Atlanta, GA 30348-5555
  • Toll-Free: 800-245-7741

Any questions about the Fortiva Credit Card can be emailed to or in writing: Account Services P.O. Box 105555 Atlanta, GA 30348-5555.

ALL payments associated with a card can be sent to: Payment Processing P. O. Box 790105 St Louis, MO 63179-0105.

Any questions or concerns in regards to can be directed to 1-800-443-1305.

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