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Free Cruise Call Class Action

  • People who received a phone call from Caribbean Cruises about a free cruise for taking a survey that turned in to a time share presentation may be eligible to receive compensation for every phone call they received
  • Customers will need to submit their phone number to show that they did receive a solicitation call from Caribbean, and if their number does not appear in the court records, they will need to verify on their own that they did actually get a call

A recent class action law suit entitled Birchmeier vs. Caribbean Cruise Line alleges that Caribbean cruises violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by offering customer free or discounted cruises over the phone for taking surveys related to politics or other current events, and then attempting to sell customers a time share during that call. The phone calls at the center of the Caribbean Cruise class action suit were made between the dates of August 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012, and were made to both cell phones and land line phones in the US. Once a customer completed the survey from Caribbean, they were transferred to a representative who was supposed to help them get their free cruise, but attempted to upsell them to paying money for better accommodations or for a hotel stay. Class members who would liek to request a claim from via email can send a request to: dmin@FreeCruiseCallClassAction.net (please allow up to 5 business days to receive a response).

How much will people be paid in the class action lawsuit against Caribbean cruises?

Every class member in the suit against Caribbean Cruises will receive $500 for each telephone call they received as long as they file an eligible claim in this case. The lawyers in the Caribbean class suit will receive a sum up to $24,500,000 and then will also potentially receive $10,000 for each person who files a valid claim.

To contact a representative in the class action case against Caribbean:

  • Eve-Lynn J. Rapp Jay Edelson Edelson PC, 350 North LaSalle Street, Suite 1300, Chicago, Illinois 60654
  • (844) 343-1477

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